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Synchro Tap Chucks




Powerful Mechanical Clamping with Less Than 5 Microns Run-Out

Synchro Tap Chucks for Rigid

Tapping & High Speed Tapping

Synchro Tap Holders are the best way to dramatically increase tool life in a rigid tapping environment.

The tension and compression length compensation, (+/- 0,15mm) in combination with radial dampening effect, compensates small synchronisation and location anomalies and dampens excessive forces acting on the tap. This allows the tap to cut more efficiently, decreasing torque loads and increasing production. Testing shows an up to 4x increase in tool life

- minimum compensation on tension/compression

- reduction of the pressure on the thread flanks

- compensation of the synchronisation error, while reversing the spindle

- higher life time of the taps, less number of tools required

- reduced risk of tool breakage

- better thread quality

Synchro Tap chucks not only increase tool life in rigid tapping, they can also be use for high speed Synchro Machine Taps with 2-3 times cutting speeds of normal taps.

DINE DST Synchro Tap Chuck - High Speed Tapping


Made by Dine, Korea’s leading manufacturer of high performance tool holding solutions.

- BT, DIN69871, HSK-A shanks
- Through coolant as standard
- Made in Korea
- ER collet system

Made by global leading cutting tool supplier YG-1 from South Korea

- BT, DIN69871, HSK-A, and weldon shanks
- Available with through coolant
- Made in Germany
- ER collet system

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