Dine GSK and HP3 5 Micron Run Out Chucks
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Dine GSK and HP3 5 Micron Run Out Chucks

High Performance Collet System - 5um Run Out - High Rigidity, No Deflection

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GSK Slim Chuck - For High Speed & High

Precision Machining Without Deflection

The Dine GSK Collet chucks offer the flexibilty of the ER collet chuck with rigidity, precision and performance associated with high performance tool holders such as hydraulic or shrink fit chucks.

GSK chucks are designed with a 8 degree collet taper angle (vs 16 degree for ER collets). This eliminates deflection and vibration commonly associated with ER collet chucks. The 8 degree taper also enables a much slimmer nut design compared to an ER collet, ideal for 5 axis machining.

- No Deflection!
- Balanced to G2.5, 25,000RPM
- <5um Run-Out at 4xD
- Flexible collet system
- Slim design

Elimination Of ER Chuck Deflection

The smaller the taper angle, the better the concentricity achieved. This also increases tool life as run-out is reduced, even under heavy cutting conditions.

GSK Collet Chuck 8°

ER Collet Chuck 16°

GSK Collet Chuck


Dual Use - Test Bar Line

The Dine GSK Collet chucks can also be used as a test bar. All chucks are supplied with a test bar length line and precision ground shaft diameter.

Ground Threaded Nut

The Dine GSK Collet chucks and nuts are all finished ground to ensure micron repeatability and location accuracy.

GSK Slim Collet Chucks
For High Performance Machining

GSK Collets & Accessories
8 Degree Collets With <5um Run out at 4xD

Made by Dine, Korea’s leading manufacturer of high performance tool holding solutions.
- BT, DIN69871, HSK-A shanks
- Balanced to G2.5, 25,000RPM
- <5um Run-Out at 4xD
- Made in Korea
- Flexible collet system

Slim design
- HC6 - for clamping 2.8-6.0mm (nut diameter 19.5mm)
- HC10 - for clamping 1.75-10.0mm (nut diameter 27.5mm)
- HC16 - for clamping 2.75-16.0mm (nut diameter 40mm)
- HC20 - for clamping 3.6-20.0mm (nut diameter 48mm)
- HC25 - for clamping 7.6-25.0mm (nut diameter 55mm)

Dine GSK collets have an 8 degree taper vs 16 degrees on an ER collet chuck which drastically improves rigidity and eliminates tool deflection.


All collets are compatible with Other Manufacturers Slim Chuck system. Collets are available in 5 sizes: 

- HC6 (Collet size SK6) - for clamping 2.8-6.0mm
- HC10 (Collet size SK10) - for clamping 1.75-10.0mm
- HC16 (Collet size SK16) - for clamping 2.75-16.0mm
- HC20 (Collet size SK20) - for clamping 3.6-20.0mm
- HC25 (Collet size SK25) - for clamping 7.6-25.0mm

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