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Integrex Holders

Capto Compatible* Polygon Shank Tool Holders For Mazak Integrex Mill-Turn Centres

The Mazak Intergrex series of multi-tasking centres combines the best features of CNC lathes and machining centres to produce the world's leading "DONE-IN-ONE" machine.   To support complete machining, Mazak Integrex multi-tasking machines utilise the Capto turret and range of polygon shank tool holders. Our range of tool holders are available for Capto turrets in sizes: C4 (ref: C40), C6 (ref: C63) and C8 (ref: C80) & include turning tools, boring bars, turning holders boring bar holders, collet chucks, tap chucks, drill chucks, milling chucks and more.  Buy today!

*Compatible with the Capto tool system. Cutwel products are not affiliated with or endorsed by Sandvik Coromant

Capto Compatible PSK ER Collet Chucks
Category PSK ER Collet Chucks
Capto Compatible PSK End Mill Holders
Category PSK End Mill Holders
Capto Compatible PSK Face Mill Arbors
Category PSK Face Mill Arbors
Capto Compatible PSK Morse Taper Holders
Category PSK Morse Taper Holders
Capto Compatible PSK Drill Chucks
Category PSK Drill Chucks
Capto Compatible PSK Tap Chucks
Category PSK Tap Chucks
Capto Compatible PSK Conversion Toolholders
Category PSK Conversion Toolholders
Capto Compatible PSK Milling Chucks
Category PSK Milling Chucks
Capto Compatible PSK Extensions
Category PSK Extensions
Capto Compatib lPSK Blank Tool Holders
Category PSK Blank Tool Holders (Machinable)
Capto Compatible PSK Turning Tools & Holders
Category PSK Turning Tool Holders
Capto Compatible PSK Boring Bar Holder
Category PSK Boring Bar Holder