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A cut above HSS and Carbide with the NEW ONLY ONE End Mills

Author: James
We are delighted to bring you the perfect solution to your general purpose milling applications, the NEW ONLY ONE End Mills by YG-1. The ONLY ONE range is a high performance, low cost milling cutter which can be used on both CNC machines and conve...

High Performance Drilling With YG-1's Carbide Dream Drills

Author: Jack
The YG-1 Dream Drill series is on the UK's most popular high performance coated carbide drill range, offering performance, accuracy and tool life. Dream Drills can achieve M7 reamed tolerances and are self centering. Our coated carbide drills...

High Speed Aluminium Milling With The A+ End Mills From Korloy!

Author: Jack
The A+ End Mill by Korloy is a brand new addition to the Cutwel range and sees an innovative leap in the world of aluminium milling. This high quality end mill uses an exclusive U-Shaped flute that has been buffed to ensure a high quality performa...

High Feed Milling With The HRM Double Indexable Milling System

Author: Jack
The Korloy HRM Double milling system gives the best metal removal rates in steel and stainless steel by using high feed rates (1.0-2.0mm/tooth) combined with a small depth of cut (1.5mm-2.5mm). Metal removal rates can be increased by around 50% co...

Vibration Free & Ultra High Removal Rates With The X-Speed Rougher

Author: Jack
Cutting at high feed rates with rippers can cause vibration and damage to the machine spindle. Many people use HSS or Powder metal rippers as carbide rippers can require too much power for the machine. YG-1 have created a new concept of carbide ri...

Achieve Maximum Drilling Efficiency With The King Drill!

Author: Jack
The Korloy King Drill system offers extremely high reliability & excellent performance compared to other u-drill style systems through the use of duel geometry inserts (central & peripheral), coolant holes & wider chip pockets. The tou...
Showing 1-6 of 29 posts | View All