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Top 5 Milling Cutters for Stainless Steel



Do you machine a lot of stainless steel? Are you constantly facing the same issues with your current milling cutters on this material? You have come to the right place as in this post we will be looking at the top 5 milling cutters for stainless steel that are part of the Cutwel range!


 1. Jet Power

If you are looking for the ideal milling cutter that has high performance on stainless steels (wet or dry cutting) and also gives an excellent surface finish, then the Jet Power range from YG-1 is perfect for you. A special geometry helix design supports the excellent surface finish you get while it also gives a low cutting resistance.


In terms of the materials it can cut, stainless is not the only application it is excellent on. With the Jet Power you can also do Steels up to 40HRC and Exotic materials such as Inconel, Titanium plus all HRSA’s (Heat Resistant Super Alloys), making it an ideal tool to use in the aerospace industry. The Jet power milling cutters are TiALN coated and made from Ultrafine Micrograin Carbide.


Browse the full Jet Power range here

Check out our youtube video on Jet Power here



 2. X-Power

Our X-Power range is one of the most popular high performance milling cutters within the Cutwel range. Cost just doesn’t come into the equation when you see the results from this particular range by YG-1. They may do more or less the same materials as a general purpose carbide cutter but the X-Power can be run at much higher speeds, tool life is extended by up to 40% when cutting dry and it has a vast range of different sizes and geometries available.


The X-Power cutters have a special X-Power coating coupled with an ultrafine micrograin carbide substrate. This allows for the high speed machining of stainless steel, as well as excellent performance on steels up to 55HRC (dry cutting) and also suitable for cast iron.


Browse the full X-Power range here

Check out our YouTube video on X-Power here



 3. V7 Mills

The V7 Mills have a unique variable helix design which helps eliminate one of the major issues when milling…which is vibration/chatter. The V7 series allows you to take large depths of cut and 2-4 times better feed rates than standard carbide cutters. An excellent example of these feed rates on 316 Stainless Steel is that you can use a 12mm diameter cutter for a 12mm depth of cut and if you run that at 2,545rpm you can achieve 565mm/min feed rates!


The range is split into two versions one specifically for steel and one for stainless steel (which also does steel and exotic materials, similar to the Jet Power range). Included in the range is the fantastic X-Speed rougher which with its unique flute design is one of the best performing rippers in the Cutwel range due to its heavy metal removal capabilities and its unique flute design.


Browse the full V7 Range here.

View our YouTube video on V7 Mills here


Don’t forget to check out the new V7 plus range, all the great features mentioned but with even better productivity! Browse the V7 plus range here.



 4. Tank Power

Moving onto the more general milling cutters that are still great on stainless steel as well as other materials, here we have the tank power range. These milling cutters are made with a premium powder metal substrate which gives the cutters the best components from both HSS and Carbide rolled into one.


The tank power milling cutters are ideal where carbide isn’t suitable, so if your machine is a manual one or it suffers with vibration possibly due to lightweight work holding then these won’t chip like carbide does. So you might be thinking now if they don’t chip like carbide then they may wear easily like HSS, but no, the powder metal substrate also provides better performance and tool life than a HSS substrate does.


If using these on Stainless then wet cutting is recommended for the highest performance. The TiALN coating also supports longer tool life. You can also use Tank Power on Steels, Cast Iron and Copper.


Browse the full Tank Power range here.

Watch the Tank Power YouTube video here



 5. K2 Coated Carbide

The ever popular K2 carbide range from YG-1 are one of our best selling types of milling cutters, and yes, the reason for that is because they are very general but they are suitable for machining Stainless Steels. Wet cutting is highly recommended to achieve the best performance.


The K2 carbide range are mainly used on stainless should you have a limited budget however on the plus side it is very cost effective to use these as you can use them on many other materials such as Steel up to 45HRC, Cast Iron, Copper and even aluminium.


This range has been part of our selection for a very long time, recently the NC Mills were also introduced which are very similar but also lower in cost.


Browse The Full K2 Carbide Range Here