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UN (UNC/UNF) Thread Mills

Carbide Thread Mills for UNC and UNF Threads from Vardex & YG-1

The UNC thread form is most commonly used in America and is a standard set by the USA bodies ASME/ANSI.  UNC threads are 60 degree imperial (inch) threads and are measured in TPI (threads per inch) and nominal diameter (e.g. 3/4" UNC). UNF thread form is a fine pitch UN thread.



Thread Milling has numerous benefits: low cutting load (even on large threads), no scrapping of jobs if the tool breaks, possible to rework undersize threads, stronger threads, small chips, faster than tapping or single point threading, any size thread can be machined.  Please click on the link opposite to use the GENius thread milling programme to select the optimum tool for your application.  

We stock the full range of UN solid carbide thread mills from Vargus in the Vardex brand (UNC or UNF threads). Solid carbide thread mills are available in short, standard and long length (up to 3xD) for internal and external threads. Order online today for next day delivery.