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Scroll Chucks

High Quality Manual Scroll Chucks by Bison & Chandox

Manually operated scroll chucks with 2 jaw, 3 jaw, 4 jaw and 6 jaw scroll options, available in Steel or Cast Iron bodies. The scroll chuck range has different mounting options including front mount, rear mount and camlock mount.  For advice on the best chuck for your application contact our technical team today.

Scroll Chuck Mounting Types

We offer 3 different mounting types depending on your requirement.  Please see the guide below for advice on selecting the right mounting type.


- First choice for mounting on a milling machine table, no adapter plate required.  Front mount chucks have 3 through holes enabling you to bolt the chuck straight on a milling table or rotary table.

- Front mount chucks also have a recessed back designed for use with adaptor plates for mounting on a lathe.

- The best mounting type for multiple machine use.

Scroll Chuck Jaw Types

Scroll chucks are available with 2 jaw types: 1 piece solid jaws and 2 piece reversible jaws.


Solid integral one piece jaws.  Most scroll chucks with solid 1 piece jaws are supplied with 2 sets of jaws: for internal and external clamping.  Jaws must be fully removed from the chuck to change from external to internal clamping.

- Rear mount chucks have a recessed back designed for use with adaptor plates for mounting on a lathe.

- Adaptor plates can be supplied with camlock bolts or semi-finished

- The lowest cost mounting option.

- Direct mount scroll chucks supplied with integral CAMLOCK adaptor plate

- Wide range of D1 camlock configurations.

- ANY Bison front or rear mount chuck can be converted to camlock with an adaptor plate, contact our technical team for advice.

Scroll chucks with two piece jaws are supplied with a set of master base jaws and a set of reversible hard top jaws for internal and external clamping.  Jaws can be changed simply by unbolting the top jaws, without the need to fully remove the base jaws from the chuck.