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Shorten Your Aluminium Chips with YG-1’s Alu-Power HPC Chip Splitter

When you machine aluminium do you come across issues with long chipping swarf which clogs up your job and affects your tool life and surface finish? If so, look no further than the NEW Alu-Power HPC chip splitters from YG-1.

These innovative milling cutters ensure longer tool life and higher productivity in aluminium roughing & finishing operations. The unique chip breaker geometry reduces load on the part and the machine by breaking your aluminium swarf into smaller chips, thus improving chip evacuation.

Made from a micrograin carbide substrate, higher speeds are achieved with less heat in aluminium and the ability to counteract extreme radial forces. The Alu-Power HPC chip splitters are perfect for aluminium but also suitable for copper and plastic.

We recommend the Alu-Power HPC for anyone suffering swarf issues during aluminium machining but only if you have the CNC capabilities required for high speed machining. As always, HPC milling cutters such as these should always be clamped in a high performance holder such as a hydraulic chuck.

For more information on our Alu-Power HPC chip splitter range please contact our expert technical team on 01924 869615.

Alu Power HPC Chip Splitter Features & Benefits

  • Unique geometry provides the balance cutting with less vibration during high speed machining
  • Chip breaker improves chip evacuation by shortening the chip length
  • 3 flute extended length provides excellent feed rates for aluminium, non-ferrous alloys and plastics
  • Long tool life and high productivity, releases stress on the tool and prevents acceleration rate of wear on the cutting edge
  • Available with a plain or weldon shank
  • Ability to counteract extreme radial forces
  • Uncoated milling cutter made from micrograin carbide
  • To achieve the maximum performance from this tool, we recommend using a high performance tool holder (Hydraulic chuck, shrink chuck, HP3/GSK or power milling chuck)

Applicable Materials

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Alu-Power HPC Chip Splitter

Alu Power HPC Chip Splitter
Plain Shank

Alu Power HPC Chip Splitter
Weldon Shank

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