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Our Products


Cutwel have partnered with some of the world leaders in tooling technology such as YG-1, Korloy, Gerardi, WTO, Benz, Bison, Mitutoyo, Insize, Vardex and much more to bring you a comprehensive range of tooling at competitive prices!


Milling Tools

Milling Tools were the first products we ever sold and over 20 years later our range has grown to one of the best in the UK today!

Our solid HSS, Powder Metal and Carbide Milling cutters offer a comprehensive selection for all materials and  applications. So whether your are machining stainless steel on a manual machine or a complex exotic material on a high end CNC machine we have the right milling cutter for you.

For larger diameters or heavy metal removal then please see our indexable milling range which incorporate carbide inserts that are most cost effective when machining larger areas.

Hole Making Tools

Machining a hole sounds simple, right? But with many possibilities available, it can be difficult. However, we have designed our ranges to ensure an easy decision making process to get the right tool for the job!


Our range of solid HSS, Carbide and Powder Metal twist drills are available from economy level up to ultra-high performance and are generally used for smaller holes. Our range of HSS and carbide reamers then complement these to provide the perfectly machined hole to a specific tolerance.


For those larger holes, you should take a look at our indexable range of drills such as Korloy's King Drill U-Drill system or the YG-1 Supercut Spade Drill. The modular boring systems from Teknik and Dinox are also a popular choice for large diameter bores.


Lathe Tools

Whether you are turning or boring, thread turning or knurling, grooving or parting or anything else you can do on a lathe for that matter, then we have you covered!


Cutwel has one of the most extensive selection of lathe tools on the market. If you can think of an application, it's likely that we will have a solution for you. Our range of turning inserts covers all standard ISO shapes and sizes (and beyond), with turning tool holders and boring bars in various clamping styles to suit from Korloy and Teknik.


For other applications, we have a huge range of multifunctional tools from Korloy and Simtek, which can perform various tasks like grooving, parting, thread turning and copying using a single tool! We also have our very popular parting blades and blocks, as well as a selection of cut and form knurling tools to achieve all common knurl profiles. On top of this, we have the Simcut range of broaching tools (to DIN6885 standard) for lathes and driven tools.


Threading Tools

Threading can often be the last operation to finish a job, and as such can be an incredibly precise and stressful process, as one small issue can ruin everything. Our comprehensive ranges aim to alleviates these concerns.


Cutwel supply a high quality range of machine taps from YG-1 and UFS and also hand taps from YG-1, UFS & Presto, with both types of taps are available for all major thread forms and applications. Our range of machine taps include Metric, UNF/UNC, BSP(G), BSPT, NPT, Thread Repair, Trapezoidal and much more. We also have a selection of high performance material-specific taps for those trickier jobs or to achieve the optimum results.


Our wide range of indexable single point threading holders & inserts from Korloy and Vardex are for internal & external threading on a lathe. We also supply Italian-made thread mills (both solid and indexable) if you want to achieve a better quality thread as well as split, solid and hexagon dies and diestocks for conventional threading.


Tool Holding

Cutwel has the UK's LARGEST range of spindle tooling for all common tapers like BT MAS, DIN69871, DIN2080, PSC Capto, HSK and more. We also have a huge range of static & driven tooling, angle heads, spindle speeders and machine tool accessories that complement our tool holding range such as ER Collets, Boring Bar Sleeves, Pull Studs and more.


Using the correct Tool holders for your application can not only increase the performance of your tooling, but also drastically increase the tool life too. Incorrect or lower quality tool holders may cause vibration, damage your tool and poor performance. Luckily, Cutwel is on hand to supply the right tool holder for the job. From standard collet chucks and end mill holders for your everyday application to high performance HPH chucks, synchro tap chucks and shrink fit chucks for optimum performance. All this because quality tooling NEED quality tool holders!


Beyond spindle tooling, Cutwel offers a comprehensive range of lathe tool holders (both driven and static) for all major machine makes and models from quality German manufacturers WTO and Benz plus Italian suppler Gerardi. We also supply angle heads for milling machines as well as spindle speeders and broaching units.



Workholding needs to be accurate, precise and durable whilst offering the flexibility to clamp workpieces of different shapes and sizes. Our workholding range has been carefullly selected to cover all these bases.


Cutwel have a wide range or workholding solutions for machining centres, milling machines and lathes, including machine vices, tombstones, zero point, scroll chucks, power chucks, clamps, live centres and independent chucks. We represent major international manufacturers including Gerardi, Chandox and Bison Bial. Cutwel can offer both off the shelf solutions or bespoke solutions to suit your requirements.


We are proud to supply premium Italian-made Gerardi workholding products. Their Standard Series machine vice is actually the most copied vice in the world due to its repeatability and endless possibility of modular jaws and accessories. Gerardi also supply 5-axis clamping solutions, modular vices with adjustable jaws and their Zero Point system for immediate clamping & positioning of workpieces. All Gerardi products come with a 5 year warranty.


Measuring Tools

Our range of measuring tools have been designed to suit various budgets. The premium economy range from Insize reflects an excellent choice for everyday use, whilst our measuring tools from market leaders Mitutoyo and German-made Mahr offer the highest levels of reliability and tool life.


We stock and supply a huge range of measuring tools including small tool instruments (eg. calipers, micrometers, indicators, thread gauges and height gauges), setting tools (eg. v-blocks, parallels, granite surface plates, edge finders and zero setters), test equipment (eg. hardness testers, roughness testers, shore durometers and torque testers) and optical tools (digital microscopes, endoscopes, videoscopes and profile projectors).


We can offer UKAS calibration on the vast majority of our measuring tool range so please get in touch for a quote on UKAS calibrated measuring tools. Our German range of premium thread gauges from JBO (Johs Boss) can also be supplied with manufacturers calibration certificates for an additional charge.



Fluids and lubricants are essential to ensure the smooth running of machines and prevent overheating of a job, which can have serious implications


Cutwel are proud to be partnered with industry leading fluids & lubricants suppliers Rocol, Millers Oils and Ambersil, who between them supply a comprehensive range of coolant, cutting fluids, hydraulic oils, slideway oils, greases, cutting paste and sprays and much more.


We also stock adjustable coolant hoses from Jeton for connection diameters of 1/4", 3/8", 1/2" and 3/4". These are fully adjustable and interchangeable with other systems, including Loc-Line and Linear-Loc.



The Shaviv deburring brand from Vargus is the world's biggest and most popular hand deburring system.


Our range of deburring tools includes deburring sets to provide you with everything to get started or alternatively we supply the blades, holders and handles individually. All Shaviv blades are interchangeable with Noga handles and holders.