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Milling Tools

Our milling tool range includes Solid HSS, Carbide & Powder Metal milling cutters from low cost general purpose up to ultra high performance.

If you are machining larger diameters then our range of Indexable milling tools is the way to go. We have dedicated 45 degree and 90 degree milling systems as well as high feed and copy milling systems too. We also have a range of chamfer milling tools and groove milling tools.


Hole Making Tools

Our hole making range consists of a wide selection of Solid HSS, Carbide & Powder Metal drills. For larger diameters our King Drill, Spade Drill or I-Dream Drill ranges would be ideal depending on your application.

We also supply a range of Reamers, Step & Sheet Drills, Magnetic Drills & Core Drills, Countersinks & Modular Boring Systems.


Lathe Tools

Our lathe Tools range covers a wide range of tooling for turning applications. For General turning our Boring Bars, Turning Tools and Carbide Turning Inserts are available and are manufactured by Korloy & Teknik. We also supply a range of Korloy multifunctional grooving tools for internal or external applications.

If thread turning is what you need then we supply a wide range from Vardex and Korloy. These are available for all major thread forms. Our sawman parting system from Korloy is hugely popular and we also do a premier range of Knurling tools too.


Threading Tools

We have a high quality range of Machine Taps from YG-1 and UFS and also Hand Taps from YG-1, UFS & Presto. Both types of taps are available for all major thread forms. Should you need something a bit higher performing then we supply high performance solid & indexable thread mills from YG-1 & Vardex. We also supply thread turning holders & inserts as well as Dies & Diestocks.


Tool Holding

We have one of the UK's best and biggest range of Tool Holding equipment. Our range of spindle tooling is 2nd to none. We supply tooling for all major tapers including BT, SK, ISO, HSK, PSC, R8 and more. We also have a wide range of tool holder types such as ER Collet chucks, end mill holders, face mill arbors, drill chucks and more.

Our lathe tool holders are manufactured by leading suppliers Benz, Gerardi and WTO and we supply static and driven tooling systems for all major machine makes and models. Speak to our technical team today for help identifying what you need.

We also the market leader in high quality Angle Head Aggregates from Gerardi & Benz. We also supply broaching tools and spindle speed increasers.



 We supply a wide range of workholding systems. Our machine vice range includes the hugely popular Gerardi standard series vices which are the most copied vices in the world due to their quality, modularity and 5 year warranty. We also do a good selection of other machine vices for vertical, horizontal and 5 axis machining.

Our range of lathe workholding includes scroll chucks, power chucks, jaws and revolving centres from leading manufacturers Bison, Li-Hsun and Chandox.


Measuring Tools

 We have a vast amount of measuring tools available for a wide range of applications. We supply items such as the standard Vernier caliper up to high precision digital waterproof/coolant proof types with wireless data output. Our range of micrometers, height & depth gauges, surface plates, edge finders, zero setters amongst others are manufactured by global brands Insize, Mahr and Mitutoyo.

Our range of thread gauges is on of the biggest in the UK, available in all major thread forms from Insize and Johs Boss.


Fluids & Lubricants

Our cutting tool range is complemented by our selection of fluids, lubricants and coolant hose systems. We supply just about any engineering lubricants, oils, greases or protection products you can think of form leading suppliers Rocol, Millers, Ambersil and our coolant hose supplier Jeton.


Storage Solutions


Our range of storage solutions come from market leader Bott Ltd, who have over 80 years experience in the industry. All Bott products come with their "Built To Last" 10 year extended guarantee.

The range covers CNC tool storage to protect and safely store your tooling. The Cubio range is a premier range of storage equipment with the Verso range being a bit more economical.



High Quality and Excellent Value Cutting Tools, Workholding, Tool Holding, Measuring Tools & More


Our products cover a comprehensive range of high quality and excellent value tooling. So if you're looking consumable items like milling or turning cutting tools or larger tooling systems like workholding or tool holding products then Cutwel is the right place for you. Many of our cutting tools have been manufactured specifically for certain materials ensuring you get the best performance and tool life when machining and also the peace of mind that you have the right tools for your job.

You can see highlights to some of our ranges below: