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Maxi-Grip 3-in-1 Machine Vice

Single, Double & Self Centering Clamping

High clamping stability meets versatility to create the most multi-functional precision vice on the market.

The Maxi-Grip springs from the need of combining the highest clamping stability and the best versatility in a single vice.

The possibility of shifting from the workholding of a single part to the double one, or to the self-centring modality immediately and intuitively, combined with the high compactness, make it the ideal product for multi-functional clamping, from 3 to 5 axes.

To assure the best performances in time, the vice has been implemented with base body, slides and screw made of case-hardened, tempered and ground steel.

ART685 Maxi-Grip 3-in-1 Machine Vice

With 2x Movable Jaws & 1x Fixed Jaw



Compatible with Gerardi and other zero point systems

Interchangeable Inserts

With different types of GRIP teeth for various materials

Double Clamping

Suitable for clamping 2 different size workpieces at the same time

5 Years Warranty

High quality and reliability backed by a 5 year guarantee

3-in-1 Applications

Single Clamping

Fixing the back jaw using the supplied plate allows for single eccentric clamping

Double Clamping

Due to the floating lead screw design two different sized workpieces can be clamped at the same time

Self-Centering Clamping

Removal of the back plate allows for accurate self centering clamping

Zero Point Ready

Compatible with Gerardi zero point products and with most popular pallet change systems 

Integral Insert Grip

Interchangeable gripper inserts with different tooth pitch suitable for clamping different materials 

5 Axis Machining

Suitable for use on 5 Axis machines offering maximum clamping flexibility

Vice Components

  • 680A Main Vice Base
  • 680B Right Main Carriage
  • 680C Left Main Carriage
  • 680D Main Lead Screw
  • 680E Lead Screw Yoke
  • 680U Eccentric Clamping Plate
  • 682K Central Fixed Jaw
  • 683K Movable Jaw
  • 220/G01 Grip Inserts

In the Box

  • A) Box Wrench
  • B) Pair of Positioning Key Nuts
  • C) Positioning Pin or Zero Point Pull Stud


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