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WTO QuickFlex® Quick Change System

Significantly reduce tool changeover times with the ultimate quick and safe tool change solution

     Reduce tool changeover times with WTO
QuickFlex adapters

     Simple and efficient clamping via the use of
standard ER Collets

     Quick and safe tool change with WTO
patented single hand wrench

WTO QuickFlex
Starter Kit

The set comprises of a collet chuck adapter
with ER wrench, combination face mill adapter,
weldon/whistle notch adapter, QuickFlex wrench
and a one-hand wrench

WTO QuickFlex

The WTO Quickflex adapters are available
in a wide range of styles and sizes including
ER collet output, Weldon/Whistle Notch and
combination face mill arbor.

WTO QuickFlex

Wide range of accessories suitable for use
with the WTO QuickFlex quick change system
including the patented single hand wrench for
quick and safe tool change.

WTO QuickFlex® Quick Change System

WTO QuickFlex® Quick Change Adapters

ER Collet Chuck Adapters 100,
for WTO QuickFlex

Static Tool Holder Adapters
for WTO QuickFlex

Weldon/Whistle Notch Adapters
for WTO QuickFlex

Combi Face Mill Arbor Adapters
for WTO QuickFlex

WTO QuickFlex® Starter Set



1x ER collet chuck adapter
1x ER wrench
1x Combination face mill adapter
1x Weldon/whistle notch adapter
1x QuickFlex wrench
1x Patented one-hand wrench

WTO QuickFlex® Benefits

Extreme compatibility with traditional methods - ER Collet chuck and quick change system in one toolholder.

Low starting investment - You can start with only the tool holder by simply clamping the cutting tool directly using a standard ER collet chuck. Later on you can buy the adapters when you require the quick change function.

Flexible expansion - Complement quick change adapters at any time. Start with the basic system at a lower cost and later add the quick change adapters.

Quick tool changeover - Reduce tool change over times significantly by pre-setting the cutting tools off the machine whilst it is operating.

Safe and efficient tool change - Patented one hand wrench provides a quick and easy solution for changing over the tools.

Permanent accuracy of the run-out is guaranteed by two independent taper connections.

Quick and safe tool change with the one-hand wrench (patent registered).

WTO QuickFlex

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