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The Pressol Combi Funnel Container is highly resistant to liquids such as oil, petrol and acid. It features a flexible, removable metal outlet and comes with a replaceable brass fine screen....

  • High lip for spray protection
  • Resistant to oil, petrol and acid
  • With replaceable brass fine screen
  • Flexible, removable metal outlet
  • Capacity: 3200 ml

From £28.85 £24.04

The Pressol Converter Funnel is highly resistant to oil, petrol and acid and uses a high lip for spray protection so that the liquid does not spray where it shouldn't, retaining a high level of accura...

  • High lip for spray protection
  • Resistant to oil, petrol and acid
  • Flexible outlet

From £9.54 £7.95

The Pressol Funnel Set comes in a polyethylene material and is resistant to liquids such as oils, petrol and acid. The set included funnels with diameters of 50, 75, 100, 120 and 150mm....

  • Funnel diameters: 50, 75, 100, 120, 150 mm
  • Resistant to oil, petrol and acid

From £7.78 £6.48

The New Pig Universal Poly Drum Funnel is used to cover your drum top for applications such as cleaning, draining and pouring. Level surface keeps draining containers from tipping and the zig zag ridg...

  • Covers entire drum top to minimise drips and spills
  • Allows access to 3/4" bung for use of liquid-level gauge
  • Thick, double-wall polyethylene construction resists UV rays, corrosion and most chemicals
  • Level inside surface allows easy draining of containers, parts or filters
  • Zigzag ridges prevent splashes and catch parts or tools
  • Features 6.7cm-high sidewalls for pouring of up to 23 litres; Funnel fits 210L closed-head steel and 115L closed-head or open-head steel drums

From £59.27 £49.39

The New Pig Poly Drum and Ibc Funnels lets you pour liquids in a safe manner into your drums, totes, tanks and buckets. The lightweight LLDPE resists chemicals and corrosion, and the clamshell design ...

  • Non-threaded funnels stay securely in place after installation and are easily removed
  • Molded-in nozzles easily fit 2" bungs
  • Lightweight LLDPE resists chemicals and corrosion
  • Clamshell design directs the flow of liquid toward the drum opening, reducing splashing and spilled liquid
  • Smooth surface allows for easy clean-up; black colour hides grime

From £109.79 £91.49