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Form Knurling

Form Knurling Tool Holders and Wheels from Quick 

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Quick Form Knurling Advantages

Exclusively using powder metal wheels and the highest quality tool holders, Quick Form Knurling tools offer the longest tool life, the lowest resistance and the best all-round performance across all materials. Machining of the workpiece is performed by cold forming, which compresses the surface of the workpiece.

Advantages of Form Knurling

- Knurling is possible all the way to a workpiece shoulder, allowing for a complete form pattern to be produced.

- The huge range of wheels allows for all knurling profiles (according to DIN 82) to be produced.

- The Knurling of inner and end faces, as well as conical knurling, is possible.

- Knurling is possible at any position on the workpiece.


Form Knurling Holders

Quick's Form Knurling Holders have been developed to offer a precise and innovative solution to even the most stringent of your Knurling requirements. Our large range of holders covers both small and large workpiece diameters, and all common Knurl Profiles can be achieved.

Each holder is individually adjustable. Higher rigidity and user-friendly handling creates a highly stable process with improved performance on a variety of machines.


Adjustment is possible.


allows for all common knurl profiles to be produced.


Single & Double System gives maximum flexibility, as wheels can be swapped with ease.


Firmly defined centre height allows knurling up to the edge of the workpiece.

Form Knurling Wheels

Quick Form Knurling Wheels are made from a high quality Powder Metal material, meaning they have a high wear resistance, and are durable enough to cut even the toughest of materials.

The profile on the Knurling wheel is based on the desired knurl of the work piece. You also need to consider whether a double or single wheel would be more suited to the profile. The knuling pitch refers to the distance between tooth crests.

You can browse our full range here or view the PDF catalogue. Alternatively, contact our technical team for support.