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Semi & Fully Synthetic Soluble Grinding Fluids

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Millgrind G Synth is a synthetic formaldehyde- and chlorine-free grinding fluid concentrate of advanced formulation. Ideal for use in all surface, centreless and cylindrical grinding applications. It ...

  • Good corrosion protection of machine and workpiece
  • Good levels of bacterial and fungal resistance
  • Excellent wheel flushing capabilities
  • Remains clear in the presence of tramp oil
  • Good workpiece visibility
  • High heat dissipation
  • Chlorine-free and formaldehyde-free, ensuring minimised hazard labelling for operator safety and audit compliance

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Cutgrind fully synthetic, formaldehyde-free water soluble grinding fluid has good low foaming qualities and is ideal for all general grinding applications....

  • Fully synthetic grinding fluid
  • Water soluble cutting fluid
  • Fully synthetic
  • Good low foaming qualities
  • Formaldehyde & chlorine free

From £111.58 £92.98

Millcool Synth is a synthetic formaldehyde- and chlorine-free metalworking fluid suitable for arduous grinding and cutting operations. For general machining, thread cutting, deep hole drilling and rea...

  • High lubricity promotes excellent tool life
  • Forms a stable solution in water between 50ppm and 400ppm CaCO3
  • Rejects tramp oil
  • Low foam product
  • Free from formaldehyde, secondary amines, phenols, nitrites, chlorine and sulphur
  • Does not produce sticky residues, clean in use
  • Good fines handling properties
  • Excellent bio-stability
  • Good anti-corrosion properties
  • Good workpiece visibility

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