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ISO Turning Inserts and Tool holders
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Grooving and Parting Tools
Simturn Internal & External System
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Multifunctional Turn, Drill, Face & Boring Systems
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Cutwel stock a huge range of turning, grooving and parting inserts, tool holders and boring bars from global brands Korloy, Simtek and Zenit. We offer high quality carbide turning inserts with excellent grades for turning stainless steel, titanium, Inconel, hastelloy, steel and cast iron.  Cutwel has a full range of PCD turning inserts for plastics and composites as well as CBN inserts for hardened steel and cast iron. Korloy turning inserts are fully compatible with Sanvdik, Kennametal, Iscar, Seco, Stellram, Walter, Widia or any other ISO turning tool or boring bar.

Whether you are using manual or CNC lathes, we have grades and tools to suit your requirement.

Our range of grooving tools from Simtek and Korloy cover a wide range of applications from grooving, side turning, circlip/o-ring grooves, internal, external and face grooving.  Many of our insert with fit into Horn, Iscar, Vargus and WNT holders (please check compatibility with our tech team prior to ordering). Browse online and buy today for next day delivery and market leading prices.