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Wide range of abrasive dics available including flap discs, minidiscs, cutting discs, grinding discs and more

Flap Discs

Made from Aluminium Oxide, Zirconium or CERAMIQ™ and are ideal for a wide range of stock removal applications

Mini Discs

Ideal for material removal and blending where assessibility is a problem or the work area needs to be kept to a minimum

Resin Fibre Discs

Made from either Aluminium Oxide, Zirconium or Ceramic and ideal for a wide range of materials

Velcro Backed Discs

For high removal rates and long tool life. Velcro hook and loop backing


Made from either Aluminium Oxide, Zirconium or Ceramic and are designed to blend and finish on awkward, hard to access areas.

Quick Change Discs

General purpose small diameter disc for ferrous and non-ferrous metals, reducing time spent on further finishing operations.

Cutting Discs

Offering incredible performance. They are hard, extra thick and have extremely short cutting times!

Grinding Discs

Suitable for metal and stone applications across a range of machine sizes.

Grinding Wheels

Mostly used for grinding, removing excess material of a surface, cleaning up cuts and prepare metal workpieces for welding.

Cleaning & Bristle Discs

Desgined for different surfaces. Can be used to remove tough coatings such as heavy rust and thick paint.

Polishing & Finishing Discs

Polishing large areas in a short time to a mirror finish. Suitable on a large range of materials

Disc Backing Pads

Disc backing pads are used with fibre discs and quick change discs to support and secure them to power tools.