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Spindle Tooling

The UK's largest range of spindle tooling! All common tapers are available from low cost economical to ultra-high performance options.

    Shop Now ER Collet Chucks

    The biggest range of ER collet chucks in the UK, with almost every taper, nut style and length available from stock.

    Shop Now Face Mill Arbors

    For general or performance indexable milling. Avaiulable in standard spigot drive, 4-bolt type or combination face mill arbor.

    Shop Now End Mill Holders & Side Lock Arbors

    All major taper types and sizes are covered, with gauge lengths available up to 200mm. Balanced to 15,000RPM grade G6.3 as standard.

    Shop Now Shrink Fit Chucks

    Ultra-long service life without distorion due to high quality hot work steel. WTE chucks are used by world leading automotive, aerospace & mould and die manufacturers.

    Shop Now HPH High Performance Chucks

    Better surface finish with longer tool life due to excellent dampening properties. Ideal for extreme roughing to fine finishing in all materials.

    Shop Now Hydraulic Expansion Chucks

    Exceptional performance in drilling, reaming and high speed machining. No reduction in clamping force at high spindle speeds. High radial stiffness.

    Shop Now Quick Change Tap Chucks

    Fastest tool changes and one of the most reliable clamping systems for conventional or CNC machine tapping. Higher quality threads with reduced risk of tap failure.

    Shop Now Synchro Tap Chucks

    The simple answer to the problem of broken taps, oversized o poor quality threads. The special design compensates for any error in the synchronisation cycle or play in the spindle.

    Shop Now CNC High Speed Drill Chucks

    Drill chucks ranging from economy to high accuracy. WTE chucks offer the very best quality, accuracy and durability of any drill chuck on the market.

    Shop Now NC Drill Chucks

    Ideal replacement for ER collet chucks. With less than 50 microns run-out, they are exceptionally accurate for a drill chuck, and each component is made from hardened materials.

    Shop Now Dine GSK & HP3 5 Micron Run Out Chucks

    Get the flexibility of conventional ER collet chucks but with the added rigidity, precision and performance that is associated with high performance holders.

    Shop Now Morse Taper Chucks

    Designed for use with tools that have a morse taper shank. Wide range of tapers and sizes available.

    Shop Now Power Milling Chucks

    Extremely versatile clamping option compared to traditional methods. Clamp various diameters via the use of milling chuck reduction sleeves.