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Spindle Tooling

The UK's LARGEST range of Spindle Tooling including tool holders with a huge range of different tapers for various machines!

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Straight Shank

WTE HPH High Performance Chucks

Shrink Fit Chucks & Accessories

Hydraulic Clamping. First choice for heavy milling, HPC cutting and high precision finishing.
  • Balanced 25,000RPM G2.5
  • Run-Out <0.003mm
  • Clamping forces <890Nm
First choice for drilling, reaming and high precision milling.
  • Balanced 25,000RPM G2.5
  • Run-Out <0.003mm as Standard
  • Run-out 0.000mm Comp-R
  • Clamping forces <730Nm

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Accessories & Miscellaneous Holders

DINE GSK Slim Collet Chucks

Damped Anti-Vibration Face Mill Arbors

Economy & Hi-Power Milling Chucks

WTE CNC High Speed Drill Chucks

Synchro Tap Chucks

Quick Change Tap Chucks

ER Collet Chucks

End Mill Holders / Side Lock Arbors

Face Mill Arbors

Morse Taper Chucks

NC Drill Chucks

Machinable Blank Tool Holders

Rotary Coolant Feeders

Test Bars & Control Pins

Assembly Pots

Pull Studs

HSK Coolant Adapters & Wrenches

3D Testers

Edge Finders

ER Collets, Wrenches & Nuts

WTE shrink fit chucks made in Germany.

  • Balanced 25,000RPM G2.5 (WTE)
  • Run-Out <3μm
  • Clamping forces <700Nm
  • Slim, standard or heavy duty
  • Up to 200mm gauge length
Performance collet system with high rigidity compared to ER chucks.
  • Balanced 25,000RPM G2.5
  • Run-Out <5μm
  • Nikken Slim Chuck Compatible
  • Slim design
Anti-Vibration face mill arbors for long reach face milling application with Increased tool life and improved surface finish.
  • Balanced 12,000RPM G6.3
Mechanical clamping milling chuck for HPC milling and high accuracy finishing.
  • Very rigid with minimal deflection
  • Balanced 15,000RPM G6.3
  • Run-Out <5μm
  • Clamping forces <900Nm
The market leading high performance drill chuck from WTE - made in Germany.
  • Balanced 25,000RPM G6.3
  • Run-Out <20μm
  • High durability
  • Simple side clamping system
For rigid/high speed synchro tapping.
  • Increases tap life
  • Prevents tool failure
  • Compensates for pitch differences of the tap and the synchronous spindle
  • Reduced thrust forces on the tap
Quick change high performance tapping chucks with advanced bearing technology.
  • Superior length compensation
  • Internal or external coolant
  • Suitable for NC or CNC tapping

WTE Universal Micro Chucks

High Precision Universal Chuck for Micromachining.
  • Balanced 25,000RPM G2.5
  • Run-Out <5μm
  • For clamping 0.2-6.4mm shanks
  • Simple side clamping system

Arbors For Screwed Shank Tools

For general machining in a wide range of lengths & different nut styles.
• Balancing from 8,000-25,000RPM
• Available with 2μm, 5μm or 15μm collets
• Up to 200mm gauge length
For clamping weldon/flat shanks. Ideal for heavier milling operations and to prevent tool pull out.
• Balancing from 8,000-25,000RPM
• Up to 200mm gauge length
For clamping face mill arbors with spiggots.
  • Balancing from 8,000-25,000RPM
  • Up to 200mm gauge length
  • Combi, 4 bolt or tenon drive style
For clamping drills and milling cutters with Morse Taper shanks.
  •  Balancing from 12,000-18,000RPM
  • Tang style or Morse taper with thread
WTE's are the world’s most popular high quality NC Drill chuck. Reliable, easy to use and durable.
  • WTE NC Drills Chucks runout <50μm
  • Economy drill chucks also available.
Soft machinable tool holders for making special arbors or chucks.
Double or spindle station assembly pots for all major spindle tapers.
  • Fixed or adjustable
  • 1 or 2 station pots
The solution to give you through coolant on machining centres without through spindle coolant.
  • Ideal for carbide or indexable drills
Available for all main machine spindles.
  • Bilz test bars calibrated on length and diameter
  • Cutwel test bars calibrated on diameter only
Double or sindle station assembly pots for all major spindle tapers.
  • Fixed or adjustable
  • 1 or 2 station pots

Taper Wipes

Pull studs for almost any BT MAS or DIN69871 tapers.
Coolant tubes for adapting HSK tool holders for use with through spindle coolant.
• Large working range in all axis (X, Y, Z)
• Exact positioning of the spindle axis on the edges of the workpiece
• Replaceable probes for maximμm flexibility
• Digital or mechanical
• Steel, carbide or ceramic tipped
Huge selecton of ER collets from 2μm, 5um & 15μm run out from, in sizes ER11-ER50. Full range of wrenches and nuts in different geometries.
Abrasive taper wipes for cleaning spindle tooling tapers.

Tool Holder Adapters, Reducers & Converters

Extremely useful tool holders which enable you to use tools with specific shank forms across different machine tools.

Hydraulic Expansion Chucks