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Hole Making Tools

Huge range of solid & indexable drills from general purpose to ultra-high performance, as well as reamers, countersinks and boring systems

    Shop Now Solid Carbide, HSS & Powder Metal Drills

    HSS, Powder Metal and Carbide drills available for drilling all metais, ranging from general economy to high performance material-specific ranges.

    Shop Now King Drill U-Drill System

    Optimal outer & inner insert design and configuration reduces cutting loads by up to 50% whilst ensuring a better surface finish, and reduced vibration

    Shop Now Supercut Spade Drill System

    The most versatile drilling system in the world - drill from 9.5mm to 114mm diameter using just 9 different sized holder with high accuracy and performance!

    Shop Now i-Dream Drill

    Uses advanced drill point technology and solid carbide ground inserts to produce accurate, consistent & high quality results with reduced cost per hole.

    Shop Now Countersinks & Sets

    HSS, Powder Metal & Carbide Countersinks from Karnasch & YG-1 are ideal for countersinking, chamfering & deburring on a variety of materials.

    Shop Now Reamers

    Wide range of Carbide, HSS & HSS 5% Cobalt Machine and Hand Reamers available to produce high tolerance holes in a variety of materials.

    Shop Now Boring Systems

    Modular boring systems are excellent for large diameter hole making with fine adjustment.

    Shop Now WCMX Indexable U-Drill System

    The original and most widely used indexable drill. Low cost economic drilling of steel, stainless steel and cast iron using ISO inserts.

    Shop Now SPMG Indexable U-Drill System

    Excellent U-Drill system in general purpose drilling of steel, stainless steel, cast iron, exotics and non-ferrous materals. 4 usable cutting edges give low cost per insert.

    Shop Now Drill Sharpening Machine

    Drill sharpening machines from Cutwel Pro gives your drills extra tool life and is a long-term economical solution. The machine's up & down swing grinding method gives the sharpest & most durable drill

    Shop Now Annular Cutters

    Ideal for drilling through holes (not suitable for blind holes). Annular cutters/core drills are extremely efficient because they only cut the periphery of the hole (less material removal is required).