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Multipurpose Lubricants

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RENOLIT COPPER PASTE is designed to control pitting, rusting, thread distortion and seizure due to corrosion and chemical attack. The product overcomes galling on assembly and reduces dismantling torq...

  • Lowers force required during assembly
  • Suitable for use in arduous conditions
  • Helps prevent fretting corrosion
  • Guards against pick-up, galling and seizure
  • Helps reduce attack in corrosive atmospheres
  • Lubricates in temperatures up to 1100°C
  • Wide range of applications

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Ambersil's Silicone Lubricant is a general purpose, medium duty silicone lubricant which exhibits excellent anti-stick and slip properties. Ideal for use where a clean, colourless lubricant is require...

  • For use on plastic-to-plastic lubrication
  • Highly effective friction inhibitor on chutes and slides
  • Ideal for use on tight plastic pipe fittings, or as a cutting aid on paper/textile blades
  • Odourless, colourless and non-staining
  • Non-toxic and safe for use with potable water systems
  • Exhibits excellent slip properties on blades, tables, chutes and conveyor guides
  • Operational temperature range: -50°C to +200°C
  • WRAS approved product: 1310510

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Ambersil's Dry Moly is a resin bonded, high pressure resistant, dry film lubricant containing Molybdenum Disulphite for metal-to-metal lubrication where a wet film cannot be tolerated. When the film h...

  • For use in high load applications where other lubricants woulf fail but a dry film is still required
  • Use as a running treatement on rolling and side bearings
  • Tough and long lasting resin bonded lubricant
  • Multiple applications (re-coating) provides enhanced performance, with the final coat benefitting from light polishing to further improve slip
  • Operational temperature range: -150°C to 400°C

From £16.43 £13.69

Ambersil's Amberglide is a multi-purpose, high grade lubricant with PTFE for long lasting lubrication and protection on moving parts in electronic equipment and all areas requiring a higher temperatur...

  • Provides a long-lasting and durable film
  • Significantly increases re-lubrication intervals
  • Operational temperature range: -10°C to +180°C
  • Highly water resistant and repels water from treated areas
  • For long-lasting lubrication and protection on moving parts in electronic equipment

From £22.64 £18.87

Millertect WBCI is a high dilution rate water based corrosion inhibitor for pressure test vessels. For use in pressure testing of valves, pumps and other ferrous components where corrosion would be an...

  • Fully miscible with water
  • Colourless appearance provides excellent visibility of the test material
  • Extremely cost effective with high dilution rates
  • Extremely cost effective with high dilution rates
  • Excellent corrosion protection of ferrous, non-ferrous, yellow metals and aluminium

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