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Hammers & Mallets

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This soft-face hammer has a powerful impact action on metal while being gentle on muscles and joints thanks to lack of recoil....

  • Impact heads made from shatterproof polyurethane, replaceable
  • Powder-coated precision steel tube handle
  • Ergonomically designed rubber handle
  • Hammer body filled with cast iron shot for recoil-free working

From £32.94 £27.45

These spare inserts are replacements for the soft-face hammer (parts: 51208300, 51208400 & 51208500). ...

  • Shatterproof polyurethane impact head
  • Colour of hammer head insert: Blue
  • As replacement head for soft-face hammer no. 51208300 to 500

From £3.44 £2.87

Copper hammers are commonly used in various industries and applications, including metalworking, automotive repair, woodworking, jewellery making and electrical work. They are particularly useful for ...

  • Head made of 99.9 % copper, double-strengthened, cold-formed
  • Ground impact surface and edges
  • Weight inserted in head, DIN hammer eye
  • Copper hardness: approx. 80-100 HB

From £45.84 £38.20

This plastic hammer is made from cellulose acetate. Designed for tasks where a softer impact is required to prevent damage to delicate surfaces or materials. Spare heads available....

  • Made from cellulose acetate
  • Hardness: medium, colour: yellow
  • With ash handle

From £2.00 £1.67

This machinist hammer can be a used for a wide variety of tasks. With an ultra-safe handle, this hammer is gentle on joints providing durability and long-lasting performance. ...

  • For vibration-free striking that is gentle on joints
  • Ergonomic and non-slip handling
  • Forged protective handle collar and additional protective handle sleeve
  • DIN 1041 hammer head, C45 steel, electric-inductively hardened
  • With ultra secure handle and glued handle fastening

From £24.95 £20.79

This machinist hammer is for striking surfaces, driving nails, pins, or punches without leaving marks or indentations. They are commonly used in machine shops and workshops for precision tasks where c...

  • Hammer with ash wood shaft
  • DIN 1041 hammer head, C45 steel, electric-inductively hardened
  • Polished impact surfaces
  • Ergonomically shaped ash handle, waterproofed, painted
  • With safety ring wedge

From £9.40 £7.83

This sledge hammer has a heavy head and short handle, which allows for powerful strikes in confined spaces or when precise control is required. With an ash shaft, this hammer is suitable for wide rang...

  • Mallet with ash shaft
  • Heavy head providing extra striking force, making lump hammers ideal for tasks that require significant impact
  • Short handles for greater control and precision when striking
  • C45 steel, inductively hardened
  • Painted black, polished work surfaces

From £16.58 £13.82

The Electrician's Hammer with a 300g hammer head from Wiha is a specialized and reliable tool designed specifically for electricians and professionals working with electrical installations. This hamme...

  • Flat claws allow you to remove nails and nail clamps easily
  • Perfect balance thanks to optimum weight distribution for effective handling
  • Perfectly suited for use in confined working environments thanks to the combination of a square and round head shape
  • The flat surface on the hammer handle ensures cables and dowels are fitted into position without causing any damage
  • Easily removes nails and nail clamps or positions cables and dowels
  • Ideal for use in a confined working environment

From £40.70 £33.92