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Milling Tools

Wide range of solid milling cutters, indexable milling systems and thread & groove milling tools

    Shop Now Milling Cutters

    Solid carbide, HSS, powder metal, PCD & CVD milling cutters from global market leaders YG-1, Korloy and Karrnasch.

    Shop Now Indexable Milling

    A wide range of 90 degree square shoulder milling tools, 45 degree face mills, high feed milling systems and copy milling systems from Korloy, YG-1 Teknik & SMOXH.

    Shop Now Simmill Multifunctional Groove Milling Systems

    Simmill AX is a multifunctional internal grooving system suitable for grooving, threading and chamfering. Suitable for a wide range of materials including Steel, Stainless Steel, Cast Iron & Non-Ferrous

What are milling tools?

Milling is a machining process where a milling cutter (slot drill, end mill or ripper cutter) is used to machine/cut away the material from the work piece. There are many different types of milling tool for various applications.


Milling Cutters

Milling cutters are generally used for smaller diameter machining from 0.1mm up to 32mm. They come in HSS (high speed steel), Solid Carbide or Powder Metal substrate and are used on milling machines, machining centres or mill-turn machines.Cutwel supplies a range of slot drills, end mills, corner radius cutters and ripper cutters from YG-1, Korloy, Karnasch and Mammut suitable for a wide range of applications and materials.


Indexable Milling

Indexable milling systems are generally used for milling larger diameters or for heavy duty applications.  Indexable face mills, shell mills or end mills use a consumable insert that can be rotated (indexed) when worn out until all the corners have been used.  Indexable milling bodies are available from 8mm to 400mm diameter in a variety of approach angles and applications including high feed indexable milling, indexable 45 degree face milling, indexable porcupine milling, 90 degree square shoulder milling and button insert copy milling.


Simmill Multifunctional Groove Milling

Our range of Simmill products by leading brand Simtek are used for a variety of groove milling applications such as general grooving, threading, chamfer milling and more.