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Hand Files

Many files available in a variety of sizes and cut types.

Engineers & Machinists Files

Round, flat, square, triangular and more for manual material removal.

Needle Files

Files for precision processing in steel, steel alloys and non-greasy soft metals.

Precision Files

Precison files for precise work in tool manufacturing, precision engineering.

Bodywork Files

Flat blunt-ended and made of chrorme-alloy steel. Bodywork holders also available.

Thread Files

Thread file sets for reworking of inner and outer threads.

Riffler Files

For machining of hard-to-reach surfaces and contours on steel, plastic, copper, etc.

Stones/Grinding Files

For use in mould and tool construction, machine and apparatus construction.

Rasp Files

Rasp files are used for removing material quickly and aggressively. Feature large and widely spaced teeth for better metal removal.

Key Files

Key files are used to rempve material from small intricate areas. 

Diamond Files

Extremely hard and durable due to their diamond grit coating. Suitable for precision work.

Sanding Sticks

Made of a durable foam core and coated with abrasive grains. The foam core allowed the stick to conform to the workpiece shape.

File Sets

Various types of sets including needle, rasp, key files and more available.