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Milling Cutters

Solid carbide, HSS, powder metal, PCD & CVD milling cutters from global market leaders YG-1, Korloy and Karrnasch.

    Shop Now General Purpose Milling Cutters

    Our general purpose milling cutters includes a wide range of tool geometries, subsrrates, diameters and lengths.

    Shop Now High Performance Milling Cutters

    Includes ranges that offer higher speeds, higher feed rates, high metal removal, large depths of cut and vibration free milling.

    Shop Now Non-Ferrous Milling Cutters

    High performance milling cutters for machining aluminium, aluminium alloys, copper, brass, plastic, graphite & other Non-Ferrous materials.

    Shop Now Dovetail Milling Cutters

    Used primarily for machining / cutting angled dovetail grooves or joints in a workpiece. Available standard or with inverted design.

    Shop Now Corner Rounding Milling Cutters

    Supplied in either solid or indexable form. Adjustable tools available if multiple angles are required. Ideal for machining external radii on all materials.

    Shop Now Engraving Tools

    30°, 60° and 90° point angles available. Single fluted tools are made from micrograin solid carbide and ideal for engraving on all materials.

    Shop Now Chamfer Milling Cutters

    Solid and indexable chamfer mills. General purpose and high performance ranges available for chamfering all materials.

    Shop Now i-Smart Replaceable Head Milling Cutters

    Y1200-coated ultrafine micrograin carbide modular system for high speed cutting of steels, hardened steels (<HRc55), cast iron and stainless steel.

    Shop Now HSS Shell End Mills

    Shell end mills available from 30mm up to 160mm. Special geometries including coarse / fine pitch rougher and alu-cut. 

    Shop Now HSS Side & Face Milling Cutters

    Straight and staggered tooth cutters available. Recommended for slotting operations. The alternate spiral effectively counteracts all tendency to chatter.

    Shop Now T-Slot & Woodruff Milling Cutters

    T-Slot cutters are for millingT-slots into a workpiece whilst woodruff cutters are for cutting keyways for a woodruff key. HSS 5% Cobalt substrate is ideal for general cutting on all materials.