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Carbon & Alloy Steel Milling Cutters
Hardened Metal Milling Cutters
Stainless Steel (INOX) Milling Cutters
General Cast Iron Milling Cutters
Non-Ferrous - Aluminium, Copper and Brass Milling Cutters
HRSA - Heat Resistant Super Alloy Milling Cutters
Titanium Milling Cutters
Graphite Milling Cutters
Plastics & Composites Milling Cutters
CBN (cubon boron nitride) milling cutters - for ultra fine finishing on hardened steels
PCD, CVD & MCD Diamond Milling Cutters - Brazed PCD/CVD/MCD diamond milling cutters for carbon & glass fibre & plastic machining
Solid Carbide High Performance Milling Cutters - High Performance Carbide Milling Cutters for High Performance Machining
Solid Carbide General Purpose Milling Cutters - Uncoated & Coated Carbide Milling Cutters for General Machining
High Speed Steel & Powder Metal Milling Cutters - HSS 8% Cobalt & Powder Metal Milling Cutters for General Machining

Solid Carbide, HSS, Powder Metal, PCD & CVD Milling Cutters from Global Market Leaders YG-1, Korloy & Premium Manufacturer Karnasch.

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From ultra-high performance tools to lower cost general machining, our milling cutter ranges from the world’s leading round shank tool manufacturer YG-1 and specialist German manufacturer Karnasch covers all materials, sizes and performance levels. The milling ranges including many unique products such as the ASP6020 OnlyOne Mill (for preventing tool failure in machines with high vibration), CVD Diamond from Karnasch (for machining extremely abrasive composites with 2-3 times tool life of PCD), Titanox Power DOUBLE CORE milling cutters from YG-1 (for extreme metal removal of stainless steels, titanium and heat resistant super alloys.

For HPC milling (high performance cutting) the 4G Mill range from YG-1 offers exceptional performance, surface finish and high accuracy machining in steels, stainless steel and hardened steels whilst YG-1’s X5070 NANOGRAIN carbide leads the market in HSC (high speed cutting) of hardened steels <HRc70.

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