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Our range of microscopes are designed for high resolution, large magnification viewing of very small objects. Digital or manual readout with data output to a PC or in-build LCD screen.

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What is a microscope used for?

Microscopes are measuring instruments used to magnify small objects by a given magnification level. Typically, a microscope would be accompanied by a range of lens objectives, which when applied will show the object (on the microscope stage) at that level of magnification.


What types of microscope do we offer?

Some common microscope types that Cutwel supply are digital microscopes, motorized microscope, rotation microscope, smart microscope, measuring microscope, wifi digital measuring microscope, industrial microscope, inspection microscope, metallurgical microscope, stereo microscope and polarizing microscope.

Microscopes are either digital or analogue, with digital microscopes either containing a built-in LCD screen or using data output to view the magnified object. Furthermore, Insize microscopes contain specialised software which can allow the user to perform multiple measuring and inspection applications on the outputted image. These include measuring points, contour scanning, measuring angles, measuring radii, edge detection, measuring distance between two or more points and measuring area of circles. This software can be used on a PC or on a mobile device (android and iOS).

Insize microscopes can either be automated or manually operated. Automation allows for more accurate magnification, with automated features including auto focusing of the digital camera used to take pictures of objects or components. Auto focus is especially useful in electrical part inspection (for instance when working with circuit boards). Many microscopes also feature extra illumination to the stage through LED lights, which can make darker objects appear clearer or pictures more detailed.