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Digital Microscopes

Digital Microscopes

Our range of digital microscopes from Insize are designed for high resolution, large magnification viewing of very small objects. Features include 1080p display screen, WiFi data output and automatic edge detection.

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The Insize 307-ID100A Digital Measuring Microscope features a 11.6" LCD 1080P display unit. The built in software means measurements can be made quickly and easily. The electronic magnification feedba...

  • 11.6" LCD 1080P display unit
  • Takes high definition pictures that can be saved to a USB flash disk
  • Built in software without computer, operated by mouse
  • Two methods of LED brightness adjustment, knob adjustment and software adjustment
  • LED ring light
  • Adjustable display ange
  • Measuring results can be sent to Excel

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The Insize ISM-WF200 WIFI Digital Measuring Microscope is hand held and portable. With WIFI capabilities results can easily be transferred to a tablet or computer . Please feel free to contact our tec...

  • Connect to multiple Ipads, Android devices or computers at same time Via WIFI mode.
  • Maximum working distance under WIFI 5 meters.
  • Take pictures and videos.
  • Supplied with software.

The Insize ISM-DL300/1 Digital Measuring Microscope comes complete with 13.3" LCD 1080P display unit. Comes complete with built in software which includes edge-detection and measurement tool. All data...

  • 1080P high-definition image.
  • Built-in sowtware (without computer), operation by mouse.
  • Takes pictures.
  • Memory card.
  • Automatic exposure and white balance.
  • Brightness, contrast ratio.

The Insize ISM-CM63 digital camera is designed to take pictures of subjects under a microscope lens. It includes both the camera unit and software for outputting and editing the images using various t...

  • Connect directly to TV unit.
  • For observation only - cannot take pictures and videos.
  • Data transfer through wire.
  • Up to 200x magnification (on 17" TV).
  • Supplied with focus ring.
  • DC power supply.
  • Optional stand available (code: ISM-WSTD).

The Insize ISM-ZS70-S Digital Camera (with Pad) for use with microscopes with C-mount port. Complete with windows 10 and 1080P high definition screen for pictures and videos. Please feel free to conta...

  • Windows 10 operating system.
  • 1080P high-defination image.
  • Takes pictures and videos.
  • Automatic white balance and exposure.
  • Brightness, contrast ratio, gain are adjustable.

The Insize 5303-AF103 Digital Auto Focus Microscope comes complete with 13.3" LCD 1080P display unit. Along with Auto focus function it also has video and picture capabilities with the 0.75X-5X zoom l...

  • 1080P high-definition image.
  • Auto focus camera.
  • Video and picture.
  • Memory card.
  • Automatic exposure and white balance.
  • Brightness, contrast ratio.
  • Display cross hair (blue/gree/red/yellow/black/brown colours).