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Modular CMM Workholding Kits & Accessories from market leaders Mitutoyo & Insize.

CMM Clamping Kits

CMM Clamping Kits from Insize, Cutwel Pro and Mitutoyo.

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Jacks & Accessories

CMM Clamps, Jacks & Accessories from Cutwel Pro.

CMM Plates

CMM Plates from Cutwel Pro.

CMM Workholding

What is CMM Workholding and how do you use it?

CMM stands for co-ordinate measuring machine, which is a used to take accurate measurements of a component, workpiece or stock at a variety of points on its surface. Often, CMMs will be mounted atop granite surface plates at an inspection-level grade. Examples of measurements a CMM records is the diameter, profile and tolerance limits of a workpiece.

CMM workholding, by extension, is used to hold workpieces in place so the CMM can take accurate readings in as many locations as possible. All CMM workholding components can be mounted on CMM plates, which are square or rectangular grids with multiple drilled holes. CMM workholding components, or ‘clamps’, are fixed in these holes. A workpiece is then clamped in place by these fixtures.


What CMM products do we offer?

Cutwel supply CMM workholding in kit form, referred to as modular CMM fixture kits. These kits contain a variety of CMM products which are interchangeable with other manufacturer’s systems. Typical components include clamping rods, support rests, tension clamps, base plates and v-holders. Each component acts as a building block which are used in tandem with other fixtures to create a CMM workholding solution designed specifically for each workpiece and application.

The modularity of CMM workholding makes it an ideal solution to tricky workpiece holding. Alternatively, v-blocks can be used for limited inspection uses on round workpieces (for the highest accuracy, granite v-blocks or vee blocks are recommended).