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ROwasher Parts Washers

Eco-Friendly Bioremediating Parts Washers

Powerful, unmatched cleaning performance, dramatic reduction of waste fluid and with no hazardous labelling

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Parts Washers

Innovative parts washers, providing powerful cleaning performance and dramatically lowering waste fluid generation.

Filter Mats

Each mat contains 200 million oil-eating microbes, which can trap particles down to 50 microns.

Degreasing Solution

General or specialist fluid offers highly efficient cleaning of motor oil, bearing grease, cutting and hydraulic fluid, amongst others.

Microbial Booster Fluid

Liquid form of concentrated microbes. Helps fluid stay cleaner for longer, keeping microbes at optimum performance.

How does the ROwasher work?

The ROwasher system constitutes three parts: the parts washer, the microbial filter mat & degreasing solution

Add the the microbial filter mat to the base of the sink, pour the degreasing fluid into the sink so it passes through the filter.

Oil and grease are washed off the dirty part and flow through the Microbial Filter Mat in the sink into the ROwasher's tank.

The Filter Mat contains 200 million oil-eating microbes, trapping particles to 50 microns. For healthy microbes, change this monthly.

Heated to 42°C, the microbes become active in the solution, turning oil & grease into CO² and water – recycling the fluid.


Health & Safety

Protect your workforce’s health & safety - no hazardous labels found on ROwasher products


Offers the lowest energy consumption of all parts washers - save money & reduce your carbon footprint

Waste Disposal

Recycling your fluid means waste disposal costs are massively reduced, improving productivity through time savings

The Best Solution

The best surfactant levels, temperature & cleaning effectiveness in the industry



Full compliance with ISO 12100:2010, ROHS, IP65, including latest legislation like ISO14001, and more

Increased Choice

Available static, mobile (for increased mobility around the workshop) & with an extra-large sink

Made in the UK

Rozone are proud to manufacture in the UK, reducing carbon footprint & maintaining high quality manufacturing


ROwasher Filter Mats & Microbial Boosters can be used in any suitable parts washer

Choose your ROwasher...

All ROwashers are supplied with a 3 month supply of single layer microbial filters (3 mats) & 3x 20L (initial fill) of either general purpose (03) or specialist metal (06) degreasing solution.

Static ROwasher

The classic design, which fits most applications and has everything you need in a manual parts washer.

Mobile ROwasher

For when you need the cleaning station to come with you. 360° wheel castors and locking brakes for easy, safe manoeuvrability.

Static XL Sink ROwasher

 Extra large sink top for all jobs large or small. Two self-cleaning brushes means it can be used as a 2 person workstation.

Parts Washer
Parts Washer
Static XL Sink
Parts Washer
Power 110V or 240V 110V or 240V 110V or 240V
Dimensions (LxWxH) 86x71x106cm 86x71x108cm 97x126x109cm
Load Capacity 150kg 150kg 200kg
Tank Capacity 60L 60L 60L
Sink Dimensions (LxWxH) 67x58x17cm 67x58x17cm 101x80x19cm
With front wheel castors? No Yes No

POWERFUL cleaning performance

ROwasher delivers the best cleaning performance possible. They have developed
the fluid and the microbial filter mat with their in-house scientists, formulation chemists and the
microbiology team at the University of Wolverhampton.



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