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Face Mill Arbors

Combi Face Mill Arbors
(With Removable Drive Ring)
For Indexable Face Mills & Side/Face Mills

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For Clamping Indexable Face Mills

Standard face mill arbors for clamping indexable face mills. The range is available in most tapers in lengths up to 160mm (or 200mm on selected tapers.

• Spiggot sizes 16, 22, 27, 32, 40
• For clamping standard indexable face mills with spiggot bore

Combination face mill arbors features a removable drive key ring so that the holders can be used for clamping standard indexable face mills OR for clamping side and face mills.

• With drive key for mills with longitudinal keyway, e. g. DIN 841.
• With face mill drive ring for face mills with cross keyway, DIN 1880 and cutter heads to DIN 1830
• Spiggot sizes 16, 22, 27, & 32mm

Supplied with: Drive key, face mill drive ring, and lock screw.

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Heavy Duty Face Mill Arbors
(4 Bolt Type)
For Tools With 40-60mm Spiggots

The 4 bolt type face mill arbor is for clamping larger diameter face mills with 4 extra clamping bores. The additional support of the clamping bolts increases rigidity and support of the face mill.

• With 4 clamping bolts for larger diameter face mills
• Ultimate clamping rigidity
• Spiggot sizes 40 & 60mm

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Many components require long tool assemblies to reach down in large components. The risk of vibration risk is high and the remedy is either to reduce cutting conditions or use dampened tools. With Cutwel damped face mill arbors, chatter and vibration can be eliminated, performance can be increased, and tool life improved.

• Productivity gains of at least 50% to 300% (depending on length)
• Vibration reduced up to 60%
• Improved surface finish & tool life
• Improved tool life
• Taper neck for maximum strength
• Straight neck for better clearance

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Damped Face Mill Arbors
 For Long Reach Applications

Standard Face Mill Arbors
(For clamping on spiggot bore)
For Tools With 16-40mm Spiggots

Face Mill Arbors From Economic to High Performance Solutions


Cutwel are able to supply face mill arbors to suit any application, from short reach small diameter applications to large diameter or long reach applications. The range includes standard face mill arbors used in 90% of applications, combination face mill arbors which can clamp side & face mills OR indexable face mills, 4 bolt type face mills (for large diameter face mills) and high performance DAMPED face mill arbors for long reach applications.

• All tapers and shank styles
• 4 styles: Standard, Combi, 4 Bolt or Anti-Vibration (Damped)
• Spiggot sizes 16, 22, 27, 32, 40 & 60mm
• Gauge lengths up to 200mm (standard) or 500mm (anti-vibration type)


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