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Torque Screwdrivers & Limiter Sets

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The TorqueVario®-S electric torque screwdriver set from Wiha is a professional-grade tool designed to provide precise torque control for a wide range of applications. This set includes the TorqueVari...

Set Includes
  • 1x Torque screwdriver TorqueVario®-S electric variably adjustable torque limit 0.8 - 5
  • 1x Setting tool for torque screwdriver with long handle 90 mm
  • 1x Adapter TorqueVario-S electric for slimBits 6.0 mm
  • 1x slimBit electric bit PlusMinus/Pozidriv SL/PZ1 x 75 mm
  • 1x slimBit electric bit PlusMinus/Pozidriv SL/PZ2 x 75 mm
  • Variably adjustable torque covers a wide range of applications

From £237.77 £198.14

The Assorted Screwdriver Sets from ATORN comes in various sizes (TX10-TX30/3-10mm/PZ1-3) and also different types (Torx/Slotted/Posi).The screwdrivers have a ergonomically shaped comfort handle which...

  • chrome-vanadium/molybdenum steel
  • fully hardened
  • Brushed chromium-plated
  • 3-component power grip with large soft area for comfortable use and effortless work

From £17.27 £14.39

Torque Limiter Screwdriver Set with 19 piece tool assortment. The set is used for controlled screw tightening from 0.6 to 3.0Nm...

  • For controlled screw tightening from 0.6 to 3.0Nm
  • Contains TX and TX+ bits
  • Pre-set torque limiters with the values 0.6/0.9/1.2/1.4/2.0/3.0 Nm
  • Tactile indication and clicking noise when torque is reached

From £168.44 £140.37

The 13 piece Torque-screwdriver set from ATORN is the best screwdriver for controlled and secure screwing. The set of 2 torque screwdriver handles has a measuring range of 0.6Nm to 1.5Nm and 1.5Nm to ...

  • set of 2 torque screwdriver handles: 0.6 Nm to 1.5 Nm and 1.5 Nm to 3.0 Nm
  • Complete with adjustment tool, bit holder blade and 10 1/4" bits
  • robust aluminium sealing cap with easily readable adjustment scale
  • controlled and secure screwing
  • cannot be overtightened

From £124.34 £103.62

The 30 piece Torque-screwdriver set from ATORN is the best screwdriver for controlled screw tightening between 0.6Nm to 5.5Nm. The screwdriver provides optimium protection against overtightening sensi...

  • Tactile indication and clicking noise when torque is reached
  • Integrated safety clutch prevents the screw joint from being overtightened
  • Coloured outer sleeve with printed torque value - The matching bit insert, which is also colour-coded, can therefore be selected without any problems.
  • Carbon steel body with 43–48 HRC, electrically nickel-plated
  • Industrial bit inserts made from hardened bit steel 58–60 HRC, with colour coding
  • Ergonomically shaped two-component screwdriver handle and two-component t-handle with optimum power transmission properties
  • Precision quick-change chuck with bit lock
  • controlled screw tightening between 0.6 to 5.5 Nm
  • Optimum protection against overtightening sensitive screw connections
  • Easy to handle thanks to the colour coding

From £226.69 £188.91

The robust tubular Torque wrench from ATORN is the number 1 wrench for controlled tightening in a clockwise direction with a high degree of accuracy. The torque tool has a erogonomically shaped handle...

  • The torque is set by turning the handle
  • With lever ratchet, suitable only for controlled clockwise tightening.#
  • Haptic and acoustic adjustment aid
  • Audible and perceptible release when the set value is reached
  • Dual scale with Nm and lbf.ft. display
  • Ergonomically shaped handle with comfortable, textured surface
  • Rapid securing and opening via the locking ring
  • Robust tubular design
  • Reversible ratchet with locking push button
  • Viewing window protects scale from damage

From £182.90 £152.42