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Tool Holder Accessories

Wide range of machine tool accessories including ER collets, pull studs, HPH reduction sleeves and assembly pots.

Quick Change Tap Adaptors

The safest tool holding system for machine tapping as the tap and adapter cannot slip due to the square drive tap location in the adapter.

Assembly Pots

Available for holding a variety of tapers including BT, SK, ISO, HSK, PSC, VDI and more. Adjustable tool holders can hold multiple tapers in 1 holder.

Pull Studs

Pull studs, also called retention knobs, are used for connecting tool holders to the machines drawbar. Available with or without through coolant and in an O-Ring style to prevent coolant leakage.

HSK Coolant Tubes & Keys

The HSK coolant tube system can be used to supply HSK tool holders with through coolant. 

Coolant Feeders

Used to convert non-through coolant machines to through coolant.  A stop block is required (supplied seperatly) to position the tool holder in the tool changer (with the retention pin).

Drill Drifts

Drill drifts are used to eject tapered tools from machine spindles efficiently.

Double Angle (Erickson) Collets

Erickson style double angle workholding collets. Available in metric and imperial sizes.

Spindle Tooling Caddies

Safely transport your spindle tooling around the workshop using the Cutwel Pro Spindle Tooling Caddy. It contains 6 slots to store spindle tooling, with either BT40 or SK40 tapers supported.

Clamping Force Gauges

For checking the pull-in forces of clamping systems in machine spindles. Supplied in a plastic case with calibration certificate.

Taper Wipes

 For cleaning tool chucks on machine spindles, tapered sleeves or taper gauges.

Machine Tool Service Kits

Includes all common preventive gauges for a specific machine tool taper in one convenient kit.

Chip Fans

The Cutwel chip fan is a perfect solution for safely cleaning the swarf and coolant from your machine table/workpiece before removing it from your machine.