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Tool Holder Accessories

Wide range of machine tool accessories including ER collets, pull studs, HPH reduction sleeves and assembly pots.

    Shop Now ER Collets, ER Collet Nuts & Wrenches

    Huge selection of ER collets from 10 micron to 2 micron high accuracy runout in sizes from ER11-ER50. Full range of wrenches and nuts in different geometries.

    Shop Now Quick Change Tap Adaptors

    The safest tool holding system for machine tapping as the tap and adapter cannot slip due to the square drive tap location in the adapter.

    Shop Now Boring Bar Sleeves

    Highest quality hardened & ground sleeves, available in 25, 32, 40, 50 & 60mm outside diameter for straight shanks.

    Shop Now Assembly Pots

    Available for holding a variety of tapers including BT, SK, ISO, HSK, PSC, VDI and more. Adjustable tool holders can hold multiple tapers in 1 holder.

    Shop Now Pull Studs

    Pull studs, also called retention knobs, are used for connecting tool holders to the machines drawbar. Available with or without through coolant and in an O-Ring style to prevent coolant leakage.

    Shop Now Hydraulic & HPH Reduction Sleeves

    For use with hydraulic expansion chucks. They allow a range of different sized tooling to be clamped in a single tool holder.