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Cut Knurling
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Form Knurling
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There are two different types of knurling process: cut knurling and form knurling. Each of these processes has its own particular areas of application with associated advantages and disadvantages. 

Cut Knurling

• Maximum precision and surface quality

• Can be used for knurling thin materials without deformation

• Saves time on account of higher cutting speed and feed rate

• Compatible with virtually any material, including cast iron and plastic

• Knurling to workpiece flange possible to a limited extent only

• Cutting process protects the expensive lathe

• No or minimal changes to the external workpiece diameter

• Minimal pressure on workpiece and lathe

• Negligible surface compression


Form Knurling (Non Cutting)

• Cold forming of the material

• Can be used for knurling up to workpiece flange

• All standard knurl patterns (to DIN 82) offered

• Knurling is possible at any position on the workpiece

• Recommended for visible knurls to a limited extend only

• Cold forming increases the external diameter of the workpiece.

• It compresses the surface of the workpiece.

• Form knurling is not recommended for thin materials.

• Form knurling on workpieces with a small diameter is possible to a limited extent only.

• Lathe is subjected to a greater load due to the higher pressure.

• Slower cutting speed and feed rate