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BENZ Solidfix® Quick Change System

Fast tool changeover under 20 seconds with ultimate precision

     Changeover tools in under 20 seconds with BENZ Solidfix

     High torque and maximum stability and rigidity even suitable for milling

     Unique clamping achieves optimal concentricity, accuracy & repeatability

Master Adapters
for BENZ Solidfix

Available in VDI, HSK & SK

ER Collet Chuck Adapters
for BENZ Solidfix

Available with Internal or External Nut

Weldon Shank Adapters
for BENZ Solidfix


Whistle Notch Adapters
for BENZ Solidfix


Face Mill Arbor Adapters
for BENZ Solidfix


Heat Shrink Collet Chuck Adapters
for BENZ Solidfix


Shrink Fit Chuck Adapters
for BENZ Solidfix


Threaded Shank Adapters
for BENZ Solidfix


Hydro Clamping Chuck Adapters
for BENZ Solidfix

Tool blanks, closing plugs, test bars
sleeves & more

for BENZ Solidfix

Tool blanks, closing plugs, test bars
sleeves & more


User friendly, stable and very precise 

By combining taper concentricity with no backlash with an extremely large planar surface, combined with high torque, BENZ Solidfix® offers ultimate stability and rigidity, which is even capable of withstanding the demands of milling. The high torque transmission and the highest possible RPMs contribute to optimal effectiveness.

This is supported by a special clamping mechanism which works centrally, without lateral forces, which in combination with the compact, highly precise components used achieves optimal values for concentricity, rigidity and accuracy in repeatability. Because of its compact design the system is ideal for tools with internal cooling.




Minimises setup and non-productive time/increases productivity

by changing the pre-set tool within seconds

Low investment overhead,

because the angle head remains on the machine and only an adapter needs to be changed, fewer angle heads are needed overall

Easy handling

One-hand operation without a special tool

Operating safety

Cannot become detached accidentally

BENZ Solidfix® Benefits


 - Compact design

 - Arge planar contact surface

 - High rigidity (milling capable)

 - High transmission of torque

 - High speed (balancing-neutral design)


 - Quick change, change in <20 seconds

 - One-hand operation

 - Simple handling without the need of special tools

 - Resistance controlled clamping (180°) - no need to

 - Observe torque

 - Ejection Feature


 - High concentricity: <5μm auf 30mm

 - High repeatability 

 - Central, cross-force-free transmission of forces

 - Play-free centering of taper


 - Securing device via safety bayonet

 - Self-locking clamp function

 - Avoidance of operating errors

 - Fullfills machinery directive 2006/42/EG

BENZ Solidfix® Accessories

Tool Blank
for BENZ Solidfix

Closing Plug
for BENZ Solidfix

Benz Solidfix

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