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HSS, HSS Cobalt & Powder Metal Drills

HSS & Powder Metal drills are ideal for general drilling, especially in steel and stainless steel machining and in unstable machining conditions.

    Shop Now General Purpose HSS & HSSE Drills

    Our best selling HSS drills for economical general drilling, including our GOLD-P drill with TiN coating with 5% cobalt content to reduce cost and increase tool life compared to standard HSS drills.

    Shop Now Soft Material HSS & HSSE Drills

    Worm pattern geometries make them ideal for drilling soft or long chipping materials. Parabolic u-shaped flutes for efficient chip evacuation and long or extra long length drills available for deep hole drilling

    Shop Now High Performance HSSE & HSS Powder Metal Drills

    HSS HPD & SUS drills have premium HSS substrates, giving higher feed rates and exceptional wear resistance over standard HSS. Powder metal drills have the toughness of HSS and wear resistance of carbide.

    Shop Now HSS Drill & Tap Sets

    Reduce costs dramatically when drilling and tapping multiple hole sizes. Available either as HSS drill sets, Powder Metal tap sets or as a combo set and contains up to 91 pieces in 0.1mm increments.