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Abrasive Discs

Wide range of abrasive dics available including flap discs, minidiscs, resin fibre discs, flexi discs and much more.

Flap Wheels

Ideal for stock removal, deburring, cleaning, blending and finishing. Typical applications include cleaning weld surfaces, removing machine marks, die lines, paint and rust.

Hand Blocks & Pads

Ideal for a variety of applications and suitable for a range of materials.

Shop Rolls & Emery Cloth

An essential basic for any workshop or bench. Tough, durable abrasive cloth for a variety of manual cleaning, blending, de-burring and polishing operations.

Mounted Points

Incredibly versatile, designed for both small job applications and high volume fast cutting, grinding and finishing applications. Mounted Point sets contain the most common shapes and dimensions.

Bench Stones

For sharpening and re-machining tools for wood, metal and plastic processing, e.g. machine and plane knives, steels, scrapers, reamers and gauges as well as measuring instruments. 

Abrasive Brushes

For deburring and cleaning workspaces. Suitable for a variety of materials. High efficiency.

Abrasive Belts

Suitable for sanding tasks on a wide range of materials. Long service life and cool grinding.

Abrasive Caps & Spiral Bands

Cap holders for holding abrasive caps. Easy to change and use.

Grinding Files

For sharpening and re-machining tools for metal, wood and plastic processing.

Dressing & Lapping Tools

For dressing straight grinding wheels or the maintenance and re-machining of cemented carbide cutting edges.

Polishing & Grinding Points

For finishing of surfaces. For use on flexible shafts, electric and compressed air straight grinders.