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Unlock Precision and Perfection: Explore Our Comprehensive Abrasives & Deburring Range!

Abrasives are indispensable tools for manufacturing and achieving surface precision. They play a crucial role in product manufacturing across various industrial sectors, contributing to micro and nano finishing processes that demand unparalleled precision.

Complementing abrasives, deburring is a critical step aimed at removing sharp projections left on the surface of the workpiece after machining. Utilizing abrasives for deburring guarantees effective material removal, resulting in workpieces that meet stringent quality standards and exceed expectations. 

Our innovative designs and advanced technologies enhance chip evacuation, reducing load on parts and machines for optimal performance. Versatile and adaptable, our products are suitable for a wide spectrum of materials.

From precision engineering to advanced chip evacuation techniques, every aspect of our collection are designed to elevate your machining performance.

For more information on our Abrasives & Deburring range please contact our expert technical team on 01924 869615.

Featured Abrasive & Deburring Products

Hand Deburring Tools

Wide range of Deburring tools including
kits, holders, handles and much more.

Carbide Rotary Burrs
Plain Shank

Solid carbide rotary burrs
for use on all metals.

Abrasive Consumables

Wide range of abrasive
consumables and accessories. 

Our Full Abrasives & Deburring Range

See our full range of Abrasive and Deburring products below:

Mounted Points
For light duty deburring, shaping and finishing.

Hand Files & Sets
Range of individual hand files and sets in various sizes.

Abrasive Discs
Fibre discs, flap discs, flexi-discs, quick change discs and non-woven discs for finishing, blending and stock removal.

Flap Wheels
Cut off wheels & rough grinding wheels for heavy duty cutting & grinding.

Hand Blocks & Pads
For gear grinding, tool grinding, centreless grinding, surface, creepfeed grinding and other precision grinding applications.

Rolls & Emery Cloth
For blending, deburring, and finishing operations on a die grinder or a bench grinder.

Air Tools
Pencil grinders, die grinders & angle grinders for abrasive tools.

Abrasive Brushes
For deburring and cleaning workspaces. Suitable for a variety of materials. High efficiency.

Abrasive Belts
Suitable for sanding tasks on a wide range of materials. Long service life and cool grinding.

Grinding Files & Sets
For sharpening and re-machining tools for metal, wood and plastic processing.

Dressing & Lapping Tools
For dressing straight grinding wheels or the maintenance and re-machining of cemented carbide cutting edges.

Abrasive Caps & Spiral Bands
Cap holders for holding abrasive caps. Easy to change and use.

Our Partners

Excellent value abrasives tools for general applications.

Leading manufacturer of high quality abrasive tools and burrs for over 50 years.

World-leading manufacturer of high-quality precision tools for the metalworking industry.

Suppliers of a diverse range of
tooling from composite tools to carbide burrs.

Wide range of high quality abrasive tooling.

Market leading manufacturer of hand files for over 240 years.

Leading manufacturer of high-quality abrasives for a range of applications.

Global leading manufacturer of abrasive tools for surface finishing & cutting.

High quality combined with excellent value abrasives tools.

Established German manufacturer of connection technology for piping systems.

Produces high-quality surface tools in Oettingen, Bavaria, since 1948.

Leading global manufacturer of high-quality abrasives for a range of applications.

Global provider of high quality products for the grinding and polishing industries.

World leading manufacturer of innovative and high-quality abrasive solutions.

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