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BT MAS End Mill Holder, Standard Length (8,000rpm)

BT40 & BT50 Side lock arbor / Weldon chuck. Balanced to 8,000rpm G6.3
Was from £26.82 ex VAT
Now from £17.50 ex VAT

Gerardi Adjustable Angle Heads ± 90 Degrees - FMU-10 Series

Gerardi Evolution Line Angle Head for automatic tool change machines. Evolution line angle heads can be used on different machines simply by changing the input shank. Adjustable output ER16 Collet (1-10mm) Ratio - 1:1 Max RPM 4,000 Torque 9Nm 8.8kg (ISO/BT50) (Please contact us for extra o...
Was from £3116.75 ex VAT
Now from £2742.74 ex VAT

4 Flute Corner Radius Extended Neck Steel V7 Mill Variable Helix Coated Carbide (EME32 Series)

YG-1 V7 Mill variable helix milling cutters offer the highest metal removal rates on steel, stainless, cast iron and exotic materials (titanium, Inconel, hastelloy & other heat resistant alloys).With the V7 mill, you can rough and finish with 1 tool. The variable helix prevents vibration and all...
Was from £17.85 ex VAT
Now from £13.39 ex VAT

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Cutwel stocks over 25,000 cutting tools, tool holders, vices, measuring tools and lubricants for next day delivery across the UK and Ireland.   

Our major brand names include YG-1, Korloy, Gerardi, UFS, Benz, Chandox, Insize, Mahr, Bison, Presto, Vargus, Shaviv, Vardex, Dinox, Millers Oils, Bott, M.Conti, Blum Novotest & Karnasch.

All Cutwel products are unbeatable for quality and value and include milling cutters, turning tools, measuring tools, vices, tombstones, twist drills, core drills, reamers, grooving tools, machine taps, thread mills and tool holders.