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Insize Digital Caliper (1108 Series)

Digital Vernier Caliper, with inside and outside measuring jaws and thumb roller for high speed measurement. The Caliper is made of stainless steel for longer tool life and durability from machine shop wear. With optional SPC cable data output, measurement can be made from 0-300mm (0-12”). Resolu...
Was from £29.52 ex VAT
Now from £22.14 ex VAT

Insize Waterproof Dial Indicator (2324 Series)

Jewelled bearing dial indicator IP54 waterproof for use with machine fluids and coolants. The dual-reading scale aids measurement in both directions, supplied with limit hands and bezel clamp, has a range of up to 10mm. IP54 Waterproof. Jeweled bearing.
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Now from £31.44 ex VAT

Insize Metric Coarse Thread Plug Gauge Standard ISO1502 (4130 Series)

Go and No-Go Metric Course Insize thread plug gauges, supplied together on the same tool for efficient thread measurement of minimum and maximum pitch diameter. Supplied with Go and No-Go gauges together. Class 6H.
Was from £24.63 ex VAT
Now from £12.31 ex VAT

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Cutwel stocks over 25,000 cutting tools, tool holders, vices, measuring tools and lubricants for next day delivery across the UK and Ireland.   

Our major brand names include YG-1, Korloy, Gerardi, UFS, Benz, Chandox, Insize, Mahr, Bison, Presto, Vargus, Shaviv, Vardex, Dinox, Millers Oils, Bott, M.Conti, Blum Novotest & Karnasch.

All Cutwel products are unbeatable for quality and value and include milling cutters, turning tools, measuring tools, vices, tombstones, twist drills, core drills, reamers, grooving tools, machine taps, thread mills and tool holders.