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Bespoke Workholding Solutions for Machining Centres, 5 Axis Machining, Automation, CNC Lathes, Horizontal Machining Centres, Tombstones/Cubes, Zero Point Integration, Irregular Workpiece Clamping.


Through our Italian partner Gerardi we offer a unique approach to bespoke or customised work holding solutions. Gerardi offer the world’s largest and most diverse modular work holding system which can be adapted to suit almost any clamping requirement. From basic multiple parts to awkward irregular workpieces, anything is possible. By using and adapting standard modular components for bespoke requirements, Gerardi can offer much faster lead times, more accurate and more rigid clamping solutions for your requirements.

Cutwel also work in partnership with UK manufacturers to provide work holding solutions for CNC lathes or bespoke fixturing for milling machines.

Expert Design

Your clamping application will be turned into a solution with our experienced CAD design team who will produce modelling of your bespoke work holding solution. Your part can be shown on the model to allow you to fully visualise the concept and 2D and 3D.

Expert Solutions

These are just some of the thousands of bespoke work holding solutions made by Gerardi and supplied to leading engineering companies across the world.

3 standard FMS vices vertically mounted in a with a bespoke triangle spacer in order to clamp round workpieces

Modular Cube with mix of Multiflex jaws and FMS self centering jaws for horizontal machining centre

Standard 4 sided FMS cube with bespoke jaws for clamping 8 cylindrical workpieces using self centering jaws.

Cast iron GRID CUBE with Zero Point on 2 sides, grid arrangement on other 2 sides.

Cast iron CUBE with 8 x standard Multiflex vices clamping large plates.

Cast iron 2 sided tombstone with 18 x pneumatic Zero Point pots.

Cube with modular plates, fixed and movable vise sections and stack type jaws assembled

Special cast iron cube with weight saving design for lightweight horizontal machining centre.

Cast iron 2 sided tombstone with 18 x pneumatic Zero Point pots.

Multiflex vice with special jaws for clamping 5 different workpieces.

Double XL vices with automated clamping using pneumo-hydraulic power pack.

Multiflex vice with special jaws for clamping irregular workpieces.

5 x Standard Multiflex vices on custom head plate for clamping 30 work pieces at once

4 Sided Compact Multiflex cube mounted on CNC 4th axis

90 x Standard Series 6” vices with special jaw arranged on 1 machine for automated clamping of aluminium wing part

8 x Standard FMS Self centering vice with special jaws to clamp extremely long straight work piece

Multiflex vice with special jaws for clamping irregular workpieces.

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