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We offer calibration to UKAS standard across a wide range of our measuring and inspection tools.

At Cutwel, we understand that measuring equipment must conform to strict tolerances and levels of accuracy. That's why we offer nationally recognised UKAS calibration with a large proportion of our measuring instruments.

Many of our measuring and inspection tools are supplied with manufacturer's inspection certificates. These verify that the manufacturer has checked their equipment before supplying it to us and it falls within the tolerances they specify. However, when the highest accuracies and the tightest tolerances are required, further certification may be required.  

UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service) are the nationally appointed organisation to assess certification, testing, inspection and calibration against agreed standards. UKAS calibrated equipment are supplied with an official testing certificate that confirms the measuring tool has been manufactured to and operates at the high standards required.

UKAS calibration tests a multitude of different measurements, tolerances and applications. For instance, when calibrating a thread gauge, UKAS calibration thoroughly checks measurements like the major diameter, minor diameter, pitch diameter and thread angles.

When would I need UKAS calibration?

Precise Measuring

Calibration provides a more accurate and thorough verification of the instrument's measurements, accuracy and resolution than is provided by a manufacturer's inspection certificate.

Batch Inspection

When inspecting large quantities of products which all must fall within certain tolerances, it is imperative that measuring equipment gives reliable readings every time to prevent inconsistencies.

High Value Processes

Engineering processes can be cost intensive, especially with multiple machines involved. Calibrated equipment reduces the likelihood of jobs being scrapped if incorrect readings are given.

Industry Requirement

Some industries, like automotive and aerospace, may require all equipment to be calibrated to the same standard and tolerance. Therefore, calibrating equipment is a necessity.