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Global market leader in precision metrology equipment & tools

Precision Digital, Dial & Vernier Calipers with optional data output, up to IP67 protection and ABSOLUTE measurement system.

Digital & Analogue High Precision Outside Micrometers including large range, data output and up to IP65 protection.

Digital & Analogue Bore Gauges with excellent durability and impact resistance, as well as up to IP65 protection.

Digital & Dial Indicators & Dial Test Indicators. High precision models with IP protection, data output and ABSOLUTE functionality.

Standard & High Precision Digital & Vernier Height Gauges. High resolution displays, data output and ABSOLUTE functionality.

High Precision Digital, Dial & Mechanical Depth Gauges with up to IP67 protection, data output and various shapes and styles.

Inspection & Workshop Grade Individual Gauge Blocks & Sets. Also includes Caliper & Micrometer Inspection Gauge Block Sets.

Analogue Snap & Caliper Gauges offer quick & accurate measurements with coolant proof design and IP protection.

Accurately test the straightness of workpiece features. Made from tough hardened tool steel with added heat resistance.

Metric or imperial rigid steel rules made from hardened and tempered stainless steel. Satin-chrome finish adds extra wear resistance.

Universal protractors with either manual or digital scale. Optional data output and fine adjustment for extra accuracy in measurements.

Screw Thread Pitch Gauges for precise pitch measurements of Metric, Unified & BSW (Whitworth) threads.

Unmatched performance from the world’s leading measuring brand

Since 1980 Mitutoyo has provided its UK customers with market leading products, expert services and the most comprehensive range of metrological solutions available worldwide.

Mitutoyo was originally founded in Japan in 1934, and has since grown to operate in over 100 countries, with supplier centres, production sites, R&D labs & metrology institutes spread throughout its growing global network.


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