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Measuring Tools

Buy High Quality Measuring Tools from Cutwel - manufactured by Insize, Mahr, M.Conti & JBO!



Vernier, Digital, Goove and Dial Calipers for measuring the distance between two sides of an object. From Insize, Mahr & Mitutoyo. 



Digital and Analogue Micrometers for Inside, Outside and Bore measurement. Manufactured by leading brands Insize, Mahr & Mitutoyo.


Thread Gauges

The UK's largest range of high quality & precision thread ring & plug gauges from Johs Boss & Insize. Metric, UNF, Whitworth, BSP, NPT & Much More.


Indicators & Comparators

Ideal for measuring small distances and angles accurately. Huge range of Dial, Digital and Dial Test Indicators & Comparators for Insize, Mahr & Mitutoyo. 


Height Gauges

Wide range of height gauges to measure the height of a component or to mark a work piece accurately. Available in Vernier or Digital from Insize & Mahr.


Bore Gauges

1st choice for quick measurement  / gauging of hole diameters. Available in Digital & Dial versions from leading brand Insize.


Granite Surface Plates

Solid flat plates for precision inspection, marking out and tooling set up. Wide range of lengths, widths & heights from leading brands Insize & Mahr.


Setting Tools

Settings tools such as Touch Probes, Edge Finders, Zero Setters & much more for tool/machine setting on milling and CNC machines.


Slip, Pin & Plain Plug Gauges

Slip gauges in Steel or Ceramic, Pin gauges and plain plug gauges for measuring hole diameter and lengths from leading brands Insize & Mahr.


Optical Measuring Tools

Wide range of optical tools from digital microscopes, profile projectors, shadow graphs and vision measuring systems (VMM's) from Insize.


Test Equipment

Our range of test equipment includes portable or desktop hardness testers, shore durometers, & roughness testers by Insize.

V-Blocks & Clamping

Individual & paired V-Blocks for inspection and workholding plus sine vices, bars and tables from leading brand Insize.


Machinist Squares

High quality precision machinist and engineer's squares - wide range including 45, 60, 90, 120 and 135 degrees from leading brand Insize.


Rules, Protractors & Straight Edges

Wide range of equipment for drawing or measuring straight lines and/or angles. High quality from leading measuring tool brand Insize.


Measuring Tool Sets

Insize measuring tool sets supplied in solid cases for good protection and easy storage. Wide range of sets available for various applications.


Depth Gauges

High quality Vernier or digital depth gauges for measuring depth of holes, recesses or distances from leading brand Insize.


Thickness Gauges

Insize and Mahr thickness gauges offer the fastest and easiest way of checking width, outside diameter or thickness - wide range available.


Miscelleaneous Gauges

Wide range of miscellaneous Insize & Mahr gauges for checking and measuring including feeler gauges, snap gauges, pitch gauges, telescope gauges & more.


Measuring Tool Accessories

Accessories including SPC cables for data transmission from digital measuring tools and batteries for digital measuring tools.


UKAS Calibration

Cutwel offer UKAS calibration on a wide range of measuring tools. Regular calibration is essential for ensuring your tools still meet accuracy standards.