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Thread Gauges

Metric <M150, UNC, UNF, NPT, NPTF, BSP, Whitworth, PG & Trapezoidal Thread Plug & Ring Gauges

General Range from Insize & Premium Range from JBO in Germany - UKAS Calibration Available!

Metric Coarse Thread Gauges
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Metric Fine Thread Gauges
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BSP Thread Gauges
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PG Thread Gauges
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UN Thread Gauges (UNC/UNF)
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NPT/NPTF Thread Gauges
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Trapezoidal Thread Gauges
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Whitworth Thread Gauges (BSW/BSF)
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UNJC Thread Gauges
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BSPT Thread Gauges
Category BSPT Thread Gauges

For best quality practise, go and no-go thread gauges should be used together.  Go thread gauges are used for gauging the effective diameter of the thread. If the go thread gauge fits the thread, the work piece should be accepted. The no-go thread gauge is an oversized gauge also used for gauging the effective diameter of the thread.  If the no-go thread gauge fits the thread, the work piece should be rejected.   Thread gauges do not measure a thread, they simply check that the thread fits between the given tolerance of the specified thread.

Cutwel stock a wide range of go and no go thread gauges from JBO (Johs Boss) and Insize. We offer go and no-go gauges thread ring gauges and thread plug gauges in all major thread types including metric coarse, metric fine, UNC, UNF, NPT, NPTF, PG, BSF, BSW (whitworth), Trapezoidal and BSP (British Standard Pipe).  Our range of thread gauges are also available in TiCN coating and different tolerance levels (please contact us for prices).   UKAS calibration is available with a 5 day lead time. Buy now from our fantastic range.