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Bespoke Driven Tools

Specific for your application

Custom driven tools including special angle driven tools, multi-spindle driven tools, fixed angled driven tools.

Can't find a driven tool off the shelf that meets your needs? No problem! BENZ specialise in designing and manufacturing made to order driven tools according to their customers requirements.

Small adaptations of standard products to highly complex new developments are their forte and thanks to a modular toolkit, their work is prompt, affordable and made to the highest standards and quality you have come to expect from BENZ. All over the world their tried-and-tested components and systems deliver reliable high performance, giving you almost limitless possibilities.

Special Grooving & Forming Tool Examples

Bespoke Driven Tool Examples

Internal Drill Head

ER11, EC

i = 1:1.806

For machining narrow internal contours

Angled Milling Head

ER32, EC

i = 1:1

Adapted angle for drilling at a slant

Angled Milling Head

ER20, IC

i = 1:2.704

Adapted angle for drilling at a slant

Angled Multi-Spindle Head

BENZ Solidfix® S3
Axle spacing 75 mm, 40°, EC
i = 1:1
1st spindle for drilling pilot holes; 2nd spindle for deep hole drilling

Axial Multi-Spindle Head

Whistle Notch 6
95mm Pitch Circle, IC
i = 1:2
For drilling
Through-holes (5.5mm)

Radial Multi-Spindle Head

67.5mm pitch circle, EC
i = 1:1
for follow-up machining
4x M5 thread

Radial Double Multi-Spindle Head

BENZ Solidfix® S4
Axle spacing 75 mm, EC
i = 1:1
for using 4 different tools

Side Milling Head

Side Milling Cutter, EC
i = 3:1
For milling of grooves and
Cam shapes (with 2 milling
cutters simultaneously)

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