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We supply a comprehensive range of coolant, cutting fluids, hydraulic oils, slideway oils, greases, cutting paste and sprays and much more.

    Shop Now Jeton Coolant Hose Range

    Adjustable coolant hose range is made from high quality plastic and provides a rigid, interchangeable solution. High pressure nozzles are useful where high volumes of coolant is required.

    Shop Now Metalworking Lubricants

    Metalworking lubricants are cutting fluids designed specifically for use when machining metal. They include cutting fluids, neat cutting oils and dielectric fluids.

    Shop Now Lubricating Oils

    Lubricating oils are great in cutting scenarios where the workpiece, tools or machine get very hot which can lead to tool failure and poor workpiece finish. Wide range of oils available for all situations.

    Shop Now Machine Tool & Fluid Maintenance Products

    Maintenance & fluid care products are essential for ensuring machines and fluids stay operating at maximum efficiency and prevent unwanted or costly downtime.

    Shop Now Mould Oils & Release Agents

    Mould Release Agents from Rocol gives fast, efficient and clean release of all types of plastics and rubbers. They provide faithful reproduction of the mould profile however complex the mould or minute the detail.

    Shop Now Anti-Seize & Corrosion Protection Products

    Protect your machine and components from corrosion and rust, as well as from siezing up, using our range of high quality fluids & sprays.

    Shop Now Welding Accessories

    Welding accessories from Rocol. SPATTER RELEASE prevents the adhesion of molten weld spatter to the work piece, fixtures, jigs, shrouds and nozzles. 

    Shop Now Hot Metal Forging Accessories

    Hot metal forging accessories from Rocol. We supply water based graphite dispersion fluids for use in the hot metal working industries.

    Shop Now Lubrication Accessories

    Wide range of accessories including marking pens, refractometers, fluid mixers, tramp oil belt skimmers and more.

    Shop Now Greases

    Greases from Millers Oils are assembly compounds and release agent for threaded connectors, track adjusters, rock drill extension rods and fasteners.