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High Performance Milling Cutters

Includes ranges that offer higher speeds, higher feed rates, high metal removal, large depths of cut and vibration free milling.

    Shop Now 4G Mills and X-Speed Rougher

    High performance and accuracy machining on steels, pre-hardened steels & hardened steels. Also includes X-speed rougher for extreme machining of stainless steels & exotic materials.

    Shop Now V7 Inox Milling Cutters

    Designed for high performance milling of stainless steels, HRSA’s, titanium and low hardness steels. The variable helix design & inox geometry reduce vibration and ensures excellent tool life.

    Shop Now X5070 Blue Milling Cutters

    Made from nanograin carbide with a silicon based coating, offering ultimate performance in HSC machining of steels and hardened steels up to HRc70.

    Shop Now Titan-Inox & Jet Power Milling Cutters

    Designed for extreme machining of stainless steels & titanium with excellent performance machining inconel, hastelloy & low hardness steels <HRc40.

    Shop Now V7 Plus Milling Cutters

    First choice for high performance machining where ultra-high metal removal rates are required in steels <HRc40, stainless steels, heat resistant super alloys and cast iron.

    Shop Now X-Power Pro Milling Cutters

    Exceptional performance in wet or dry cutting conditions for high speed milling of steels, hardened steels up to 55 Rockwell, stainless steel and cast iron. Ideal for mould and die, valves, pumps, tool making, automotive and defence industry

What are High Performance Milling Cutters?

High performance milling cutters are used in applications where long tool life, shorter cycle times or good surface finish are desirable. High performance slot drills, end mills and rippers are available in a wide range different tool geometry to suit specific materials from Steels, Stainless, heat resistant super alloys, hardened steels, Cast iron and Non Ferrous materials such as aluminium or titanium. The tool geometry is designed to give optimum performance on the specific material in terms of tool life, chip control, work hardening prevention, metal removal rates and surface finish.

In this range you will find milling cutters for HPC milling (variable helix style tools), HSC milling (high speed cutting), high feed milling and trochoidal milling.


What is HPC Milling?

HPC milling cutters (high performance cutting) work with large depths of cut combined with aggressive feed rates and have special geometries including variable helixes and unequal flute spacing. HPC milling cutters such as V7 Plus or Titanox provide high metal removal rates with short cycle times and have the benefit of very low vibration due to the special geometry. Variable helix HPC milling cutters are usually used on carbon and alloys steels, Stainless steel, Inconel, Hastelloy, Titanium and Cast Iron.


What is HSC or High Speed Milling?

HSC milling tools (high speed cutting) such as X-Power Pro and X5070 are typically used on harder materials such as tool steels, hardened steels and cast iron and are popular for industries including automotive, valves, tool making, mould and die. HSC milling cutters use ultra-dense carbide substrates such as nanograin carbide with coatings that are extremely heat resistant. High speed milling applies small depths of cuts with high cutting speeds (RPM) and fast feed rates. They are typically used without coolant (dry cutting) and offer exceptional tool life on hard materials. This machining method is not recommended for material that work hardens.


What is Trochoidal Milling?

Trochoidal milling is a relatively new machining process used for removing metal extremely aggressively but without putting high cutting loads on the machine spindle. Trochoidal milling can be used to create a slot wider than the cutting tool's cutting diameter with a very large radial depth of cut and small axial depth of cut by using a series of circular cuts known as a trochoidal tool path with very high feed rates. It has the benefits of very low heat output (resulting in low tool wear), high machining accuracy, very fast cycle times, low cutting forces and the ability to use 1 diameter tool for machining a wide variety of slot widths. The most suitable end mills for trochoidal milling are 6 flute 45° helix cutters such as the V7 Plus 6 flute range for stainless and exotics, X5070 6 flute range for hardened steels or X-Power Pro 6 flute range for pre-hardened steels or cast iron.


Technical Support for High Performance Milling Cutters?

Full cutting data can be found on all products on the downloads and cutting data section of each product page. Alternatively, our technical team can offer first-hand support for cutting speeds, tooling recommendations and troubleshooting on 01924 869615